Chicago Cubs 2016 MLB World Series Odds

Top Favorite MLB Betting Picks for the 2016 World Series

Written by on April 2, 2016

If you didn’t know before, now you know. Not all baseball teams are created equal. If you’re gearing up for the quickly approaching 2016 MLB betting season and you want to know which teams are most likely to bag the 2016 MLB World Series title and which one actually will, then you’re in luck! This look at the dozen ballclubs with the best chances of bringing home the World Series hardware will both inform and entertain – and make no mistake about it – one of these ballclubs will actually bring home this season’s World Series hardware. Okay, with that thought in mind, let’s rock and roll.

Top Favorite MLB Betting Picks for the 2016 World Series

The Favorites

Chicago Cubs +450 The Cubs are absolutely loaded and have the best manage in the game today in my opinion. Make no mistake about it, the Cubs have a shot…a very, very real shot! San Francisco Giants +1000 The Giants are big favorites and rightfully so, seeing as how they’ve won 84 games or more every season since 2009 while bagging three World Series titles. Frisco’s additions of veteran hurlers Johnny Cueto and Jeff Smardzija could very well put them over the top. New York Mets +1100 The Mets have the best starting rotation in all of baseball, but they’ll likely have to get past either Chicago or Frisco in the postseason. Boston Red Sox +1200 The BoSox added big-time starting pitcher David Price to their starting rotation and have one of the most potent lineups in all of baseball, not to mention a MVP-caliber future star in Mookie Betts. Houston Astros +1300 The Astros are young and talented and may have the best shortstop in the game today in the gifted Carlos Correa. If Houston’s pitching holds up, they could upset the entire apple cart. Kansas City Royals +1400 Despite reaching the World Series in 2014 and winning it all last season, the Royals are still not getting the respect they deserve, much like the NBA’s defending champion Golden State Warriors! Los Angeles Dodgers +1500 The Dodgers have great odds, but the loss of Zack Greinke is a major blow they won’t be able to overcome in 2016. St. Louis Cardinals +1500 So what, the Cardinals lost outfielder Jason Heyward and starting pitcher John Lackey, this franchise seems to have a legitimate shot each and every year and I suspect 2016 will be no different. Pittsburgh Pirates +1800 The Pirates won a whopping 98 games last year, but they’ll be hard-pressed to repeat that success in 2016 with an aging starting rotation. Texas Rangers +1800 Make no mistake about it, the addition of Cole Hamels and return of Yu Darvish could mean the Rangers exceed all expectations in 2016. Toronto Blue Jays +1800 The Jays have a powerful batting order but mediocre itching staff. Surely, they can’t bash the cover off the ball the way they did last season, can they? Washington Nationals +1800 Washington could very well have the best starting rotation in the league in 2016, not to mention arguably the best hitter on the planet on Bryce Harper. I love the addition of manager Dusty Baker and believe it could put them over the top, not only in the NL East, but on top of everyone!