Top MLB Series and Winning Favorites - September 6th

Top MLB Series and Winning Favorites – September 6th

Written by on September 5, 2017

The clock is slowly but surely ticking down to the end of the MLB regular season, and for the teams on the outside looking in at the playoffs, each passing day represents one less opportunity to close the gap on the leaders in the division and the Wild Card. So, these upcoming MLB series a very important to watch. The reality here is that most of the division races look to be essentially settled, which means the attention switches to the WC in both the American and National Leagues. The races are, for the most part, very tight, and there are still a handful of teams in both races with a shot at getting in. Those are the teams that we will be focusing on for our Wednesday games. So, be sure to check back for the latest MLB odds on these games once they are out!

Top MLB Series and Winning Favorites – September 6th

LA Angels vs. Oakland A’s

The current stats suggest that the Angels have a 33% chance of making the playoffs, which is not that bad given the odds of the other teams in the chasing pack. It would appear that the Yankees may be close to locking up one of the WC spots, assuming they don’t run down the Red Sox for the AL East crown, which would mean that the battle is on for the final spot. The Angels have been playing very good ball of late, and now find themselves just a half game out. This MLB series against the struggling Oakland A’s is a brilliant opportunity for them to overhaul the Minnesota Twins. MLB Series Pick: Los Angeles Angels


  • Average Score For 4.47
  • Offensive Hits 8.30
  • Offensive Walks 3.26
  • Average Score Against 4.39
  • Defensive Hits 8.49
  • Defensive strikeouts 8.14


  • Average Score For 4.42
  • Offensive Hits 8.21
  • Offensive Walks 3.49
  • Average Score Against 5.29
  • Defensive Hits 9.04
  • Defensive strikeouts 7.48

MLB Betting Picks & Prediction for Wednesday – September 6th

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox

What looked to be a comfortable perch atop the AL East has suddenly become a spot where they look totally uncomfortable. The Red Sox have lost 3 straight games, and have seen their lead at the top reduced to just 2.5 games. You can bet your life that the Toronto Blue Jays are not going to do their division rivals any favors, as they would certainly like to play the role of the spoiler here. The good news for the Red Sox is that even if they gas the lead coming down the stretch, a Wild Card spot still looks good, as they currently have a 99.5% shot at making the playoffs. Getting some wins in the last few weeks is all about building postseason momentum. MLB Series Pick: Boston Red Sox


  • Average Score For 4.29
  • Offensive Hits 8.17
  • Offensive Walks 3.40
  • Average Score Against 4.94
  • Defensive Hits 9.14
  • Defensive strikeouts 8.57


  • Average Score For 4.73
  • Offensive Hits 8.95
  • Offensive Walks 3.56
  • Average Score Against 4.19
  • Defensive Hits 8.59
  • Defensive strikeouts 9.49

Cleveland Indians vs. Chicago White Sox

MLB Series: The Cleveland Indians were among the favorites to be in the World Series when this season began. You may wonder why I am focusing on this one when it is now very clear that the Indians have a lock on the AL Central division. The interest in this one for me is to see how long Cleveland can continue to win, as they are now on a 12-game win streak that has taken them 10 games clear at the top of the division. The Cleveland Indians were among the favorites to be in the World Series when this season began, but that was put in some doubt as they struggled to find traction in the first half of the season. That is all in the past now, though, and this team now looks like a legitimate championship contender. You would certainly like them to keep this streak rolling against a not very good White Sox team. MLB Series Pick: Cleveland Indians


  • Average Score For 5.007
  • Offensive Hits 8.94
  • Offensive Walks 3.75
  • Average Score Against 3.68
  • Defensive Hits 7.92
  • Defensive strikeouts 9.88


  • Average Score For 4.28
  • Offensive Hits 8.66
  • Offensive Walks 2.50
  • Average Score Against 5.09
  • Defensive Hits 8.72
  • Defensive strikeouts 7.62

San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies

It wasn’t so very long ago that the Colorado Rockies looked like an absolute lock for a Wild Card spot, but they are in a tailspin that is now making it look as though they are going to need to battle hard in the final few weeks of the season if they want to join their division rivals, the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks in the playoffs. As it stands right now, the Rockies have been given a 57.9% chance of making it into the postseason, but they will need to do better than their 4 wins in their last 10 games if they want to see that percentage improve. They did win the opening game of this series, and you would like them to take care of a struggling Giants team at Coors Field. MLB Series Pick: Colorado Rockies


  • Average Score For 3.90
  • Offensive Hits 8.47
  • Offensive Walks 2.91
  • Average Score Against 4.89
  • Defensive Hits 9.49
  • Defensive strikeouts 7.59


  • Average Score For 5.06
  • Offensive Hits 9.27
  • Offensive Walks 3.16
  • Average Score Against 4.79
  • Defensive Hits 8.97
  • Defensive strikeouts 7.79
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