Top MLB Series and Winning Predictions - September 12th

Top MLB Series and Winning Predictions – September 12th

Written by on September 11, 2017

Of the 6 divisions in major league baseball, there are really only two that still look to be in some doubt when it comes to picking a winner for these MLB Series. The Boston Red Sox have a 3.5-game lead over the Yankees in the AL East, while the Chicago Cubs are clinging to a 2-game lead in the NL Central. It looks as though those two races are going to go down to the wire, which means that most of the attention right now is being paid to the race for the Wild Card spots. Things are incredibly tight there, especially in the American League, and it’s tough to say which teams are going to land in those coveted spots. We are now down to the final couple of weeks of the schedule, and there are a lot of big games on the calendar. Let’s take a look at some of the best match-ups as well as their current MLB run lines for Tuesday.

Top MLB Series and Winning Predictions – September 12th

Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians don’t need to worry about making the playoffs, as they have now taken complete control of the AL Central. The reason why we are interested in this series is because we are excited to see how long the Indians can continue to go unbeaten. Their winning streak now sits at an incredible q8 games, and is not really showing any sign of slowing down. The Detroit Tigers are just 1-8 in their last 9 meetings with the Indians, so it’s fair to assume that this streak might make its way into the 20’s over the next few days. MLB Series Pick: Detroit Tigers


  • Average Score For 4.68
  • Offensive Hits 8.92
  • Offensive Walks 3.22
  • Average Score Against 5.39
  • Defensive Hits 9.74
  • Defensive strikeouts 7.39


  • Average Score For 5.05
  • Offensive Hits 8.95
  • Offensive Walks 3.78
  • Average Score Against 3.60
  • Defensive Hits 7.81
  • Defensive strikeouts 9.91

New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays

The Yankees have gone 7-3 in their last 10 games and are now almost certainly a shoe-in for the postseason. The biggest question now is how they will get in there. Will it be via the Wild Card, where they currently hold a 3.5 game lead in the first spot, or will it be as the winners of the AL East. They are 3.5-games back of the Boston Red Sox in that race, which makes the WC look like the more viable option, but a good week here could put some pressure on the leaders and make for an exciting finish. MLB Series Pick: New York Yankees


  • Average Score For 5.28
  • Offensive Hits 9.11
  • Offensive Walks 3.78
  • Average Score Against 4.21
  • Defensive Hits 7.87
  • Defensive strikeouts 9.56


  • Average Score For 4.31
  • Offensive Hits 8.30
  • Offensive Walks 3.39
  • Average Score Against 4.39
  • Defensive Hits 8.22
  • Defensive strikeouts 8.18

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Milwaukee Brewers

This time last week, it looked as though the Chicago Cubs had gained permanent control of the NL Central, but they ended the week with 3 straight losses, once again opening the door for the Milwaukee Brewers, who are 2-games off the pace. The Brewers ended their week with a 3-game winning streak, but also need to hold off the St. Louis Cardinals, who are also on a winning run and within 2 games of the lead in the division. The Milwaukee Brewers will go against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday, with their division rivals sure to be relishing the opportunity to play the spoiler role. MLB Series Pick: Milwaukee Brewers


  • Average Score For 4.12
  • Offensive Hits 8.27
  • Offensive Walks 3.25
  • Average Score Against 4.61
  • Defensive Hits 9.17
  • Defensive strikeouts 7.72


  • Average Score For 4.53
  • Offensive Hits 8.36
  • Offensive Walks 3.25
  • Average Score Against 4.36
  • Defensive Hits 8.56
  • Defensive strikeouts 8.33

Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

The NL West has been one of the strongest in the MLB this season, although you might not believe that right now given that the Dodgers are on a 10-game losing skid. That poor streak aside, this division has been solid, and the likelihood is that three team from the West will be involved in the postseason. The Dodgers collapse is coming a little too late to make a difference in the division race, which means that these two teams are looking at the Wild Card. The D-backs have been great of late, and appear to have already punched their ticket, while the Rockies are finishing strong, starting this week on a 4-game win streak. I don’t expect a ton of drama here, but this should be a fun series to watch. MLB Series Pick: Colorado Rockies


  • Average Score For 5.13
  • Offensive Hits 9.34
  • Offensive Walks 3.17
  • Average Score Against 4.78
  • Defensive Hits 9.00
  • Defensive strikeouts 7.87


  • Average Score For 4.97
  • Offensive Hits 8.69
  • Offensive Walks 3.52
  • Average Score Against 4.01
  • Defensive Hits 8.10
  • Defensive strikeouts 9.24
These are the games that I’ll be watching and wagering on this Tuesday, but there are plenty more good series on tap for your betting consideration.