NBA Championship Odds Update: Perfect Finals Match Betting Fans Will Like to See

NBA Championship Odds Update: Perfect Finals Match Betting Fans Will Like to See

Although we have yet to hit the halfway mark of the current NBA Season, if past history is any indication, one of the teams with a top current record will win rings. The best teams in the league right now are the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Brooklyn Nets. Unless things change, check out the perfect finals matchup that includes two of those squads so you can plan your bets against the NBA Championship odds

NBA Perfect Finals Matchup If The Series Started Tomorrow

2022 NBA Finals

  • When: June 2 – June 19, 2022

Eastern Conference Winner: Brooklyn Nets +246

As of January 23, the Miami Heat have a half a game lead over the Brooklyn Nets for the best record in the Eastern Conference. But let’s be real.

The Heat have caught the Nets because both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving aren’t playing. James Harden has held down the fort. Once KD and Irving are back onto the court, the Nets should pull away from their competition.

If Durant, Harden, and Irving are all healthy in the playoffs, the Bucks nor the Heat stand much chance in a 7-game series, which is why Brooklyn looks like the Eastern Conference winners. 

Western Conference Winner: Phoenix Suns +590

Phoenix has reasserted its dominance. Once in a while, the Suns play badly enough to lose a game. So far, it’s happened just 9 times this season.

What makes Phoenix so great? First, the team scores a lot of points. The Suns rank third in points per with 112.5 each game. Phoenix ranks first in field goal percentage and fifth in three-point percentage.

Second, Phoenix’s defense is terrific. The Suns rank sixth in points allowed each game at 104.5. Phoenix ranks first in three-point percentage allowed 32.7.

The Suns are well-coached and get better every week. So why wouldn’t they return to the NBA Finals? 

Why Brooklyn Nets vs Phoenix Suns is the perfect finals matchup

Brooklyn versus Phoenix would be Big 3 versus Big 3. On the Nets’ side is Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden.

On the Suns’ side is Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Ayton. Also, Brooklyn’s head coach, Steve Nash, might be the greatest player in Phoenix Suns’ history.

Nash dominated when he played for The Valley. In addition, Phoenix is clearly the best team in the West and with all three stars healthy, Brooklyn is clearly the best team in the East.

So a Phoenix Suns versus Brooklyn Nets matchup would be a game between the best from the Eastern Conference versus the best from the Western Conference.

Way too early Suns versus Nets prediction

It’s way too early to start talking prediction, but since we already made the case for Nets versus Suns, why not take the extra step and choose an NBA Finals winner?

If we assume both teams are one-hundred percent healthy, Brooklyn would enter the series the favorite. Phoenix, though, would win the title.

The Suns Big 3 isn’t as talented as the 3 hall of fame players on Brooklyn’s side. But Phoenix’s Big 3 is more flexible. Ayton is a true center. Brooklyn doesn’t have one of those. Also, Devin Booker is much younger than Harden and Irving.

Finally, the Suns have a deeper bench and coach Monty Williams learned a lot from losing the championship to the Milwaukee Bucks last season. Williams will make winning adjustments in this year’s Finals. The too early prediction is Suns 4 games to 3.  

Phoenix Suns vs. Brooklyn Nets NBA Finals Prediction: Suns win in 7 games


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