NBA Championship Odds Update: Chicago Bulls Hottest Team in the League

NBA Championship Odds Update: Chicago Bulls Hottest Team in the League

As we continue through the NBA season, the NBA Champion is a looming question. As always, certain teams are considered “most likely to win”, but others are on the rise. The best odds to win the NBA Championship are always changing. The best way to place your wagers is to keep up with the new odds here. We’ll go over the top teams and some dark horse changes.

So, who are these dark horses and can they overcome the conference giants? These things and more is what we’ll cover today, along with the changing lines. You’ll notice that the odds haven’t changed for certain teams and we’ll tell you the reason for that as well. With the NBA heading towards the All-Star break, let’s take a look at the updated NBA Championship odds

Updated NBA Championship Odds

The Chicago Bulls Take a Huge Jump in the Current Odds

As we stated above, the NBA Championship odds are always changing. Although the Brooklyn Nets still have the best odds to win (+234), the Bulls are approaching quickly. Last week, the Chicago Bulls had +2400 odds to win, today, they’re +1950. It’s not surprising that they’ve taken such a leap though. The Bulls lead the Eastern Conference and have won nine straight games.

Another team that has had a significant move in the odds is the Milwaukee Bucks. Last week, the Bucks were +640 and now they’ve fallen back to +670. It’s not quite the margin the Bulls saw, but it’s significant nonetheless. The main reason for this is that the Bucks are dealing with a lot of injuries. Still, the Bucks have the second-best odds in the Eastern Conference to win it all.

Warriors and Suns Make a Small Jump at the Sportsbook

Both the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns saw an adjustment to their odds. The Warriors went from +490 to +460 and the Suns went from +650 to +630. Now, the Suns are the third-most likely team to win the NBA Championship, passing up the Bucks. Depending on how the Suns perform this week, we could see their odds get even better. 

This is especially true because they now lead the Western Conference with a 30-9 record. The Utah Jazz moved from a +840 to an +860, due to some recent losses. The Lakers also moved back from having +1075 odds to +1125 odds. This shouldn’t come too much as a shock, after how they’ve performed lately. They’ll need to up their performance before we see a change.  

Teams you Should Avoid Taking in the NBA Finals

If you’re planning on making some futures bets, the teams above are your best options. The ones we’re about to mention are teams that you should avoid adding to your ticket. For starters, in the Eastern Conference, the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers have +2100 odds and as we all know, don’t perform well in the playoffs. 

For the Western Conference, we’d leave the +2200 Clippers off of our ticket. Los Angeles has always been inconsistent in the playoffs. More importantly, there are some incredibly talented teams in the Western Conference. We’d rather take the Phoenix Suns or Golden State Warriors to win it all this year. 


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