NBA Conference Championships Betting Update: 7 Weeks Left Before We Reach the Playoffs

NBA Conference Championships Betting Update: 7 Weeks Left Before We Reach the Playoffs

With seven weeks left in the NBA Regular Season, the NBA Eastern Conference and the NBA Western Conference are wide open. Milwaukee is the chalk to win the East while the Phoenix Suns are the favorite to win the West. Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics have become underdogs to win their respective conferences. Keep reading for updated NBA Conference Championship odds as well as the top three choices to win the NBA Eastern Conference and the NBA Western Conference.  

7 Weeks Left of the NBA Regular Season – Conference Winners Predictions

NBA Conference Championship Series

  • When: May 17 – May 18

NBA Eastern Conference Picks

  • Top Pick: Miami Heat +490

As of Feb. 15, the Miami Heat is tied with the Chicago Bulls for the Eastern Conference’s best record. Why is the Heat the top pick to win the East?

Few teams have such a devastating Big 3. Kyle Lowry is one of the best point guards in the NBA. Jimmy Butler is one of the best overall players and Bam Adebayo is one of the best centers. Also, the team has a solid second unit led by Tyler Herro, and at the odds, Miami is a slight overlay. 

  • Second Pick: Milwaukee Bucks +248

Don’t be surprised if in the next seven weeks the defending champions become the Eastern Conference’s team to beat. Milwaukee is almost one-hundred percent healthy.

When Jrue Holiday, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Khris Middleton are on the floor at the same time, few teams can beat the Bucks. Although they’re the favorites, the odds don’t make the Bucks an underlay. Milwaukee is a solid team to back to win the conference. 

  • Third Pick: Chicago Bulls +1225

The Bulls offer overlay odds to win the conference. What impresses about Chicago is that they have won games even though Zach LaVine, Lonzo Ball, and Javonte Green have been hurt.

DeMar DeRozan is a different player at the 4 and Ayo Dosunmu has filled in nicely while Ball recovers from his injury. LaVine should be back after the all-star break. 

Ball will return before the playoffs start. Don’t sleep on the Chicago Bulls to pull off an Eastern Conference upset victory.   

NBA Western Conference Picks

  • Top Pick: Phoenix Suns +178

Yes, the Phoenix Suns are the chalk, and, yes, the Golden State Warriors are playing great basketball, but the Suns haven’t just beaten teams, they’ve dominated. Phoenix is playing like one of the most motivated teams in NBA history.

The Suns had every right to fold this season after losing the NBA Finals to the Milwaukee Bucks. But instead of folding, the Suns showed up this season hungrier. Monty Williams’ squad has no flaws. So as long as Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Ayton remain healthy, Phoenix should win the West. 

  • Second Pick: Utah Jazz +490

Golden State is the logical second choice, but the odds on the Warriors make them an underlay. Also, even though Golden State has played great ball, the Utah Jazz have begun to assert their dominance.

So far, Utah is undefeated in February, winning 6 straight from Feb. 2 to Feb. 14. The Jazz have a dynamite backcourt with point guard Mike Conley and shooting guard Donovan Mitchell. Rudy Gobert is as good as it gets at center. In these next seven weeks, the Jazz can overtake Memphis and Golden State and finish the regular season with the conference’s second best record.  

  • Third Pick: Memphis Grizzlies +920

Golden State has fallen to 5 ½ games behind the Suns, which means the Warriors may hit a slide in the second half of the season. Memphis, though, is improving.

Like the Jazz, the Grizzlies are also undefeated in February. Memphis has won all 6 games this month. What makes Memphis so tough is that they are the epitome of a cohesive squad.

Everything goes through Ja Morant and top three-point shooter Desmond Bane and forward Jaren Jackson Jr. know this. Memphis is a young team, which means they have room for improvement. If you’re looking to back a dog to win the West, the Grizzlies are the one to consider. 


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