NBA 2021 Conference Championship Betting Analysis Update

NBA 2021 Conference Championship Deep Betting Analysis Update

Written by on June 3, 2021

The 2021 NBA Playoffs have not let us down as fans. And the fact that games are being played in front of crowds again and not in a bubble has been awesome. This time, there are no more zero spectators and self-created momentum and pressure. It’s pretty major how different it is, with 3/4 teams moving on in the East having not done so a season ago.

Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Philly all bowed out in round one or missed the playoffs last year. Not this time. Let’s look at the odds of the best teams left to win each conference so you can get all set to make your bets against their NBA Conferences odds. 

NBA Betting – Updated Odds to Win Each Conference In 2021

A Lot to Decide in the West

The East is already decided. Only one team in the West has advanced so far. And that team is the Utah Jazz, as we bid farewell to Memphis.

The Jazz are a +160 favorite to win the conference. Given how well they played in crunch time over the several final games of a competitive series is very telling of what they are capable of. Hopefully, Mike Conley’s hamstring injury is minor because if they want to run through a loaded West, they have to be at full strength.

Though they are down 3-2 to Dallas, the Clippers are next at +260. If they can find a way to win another road game and send it to seven, they’ll have a real chance at winning. They would match up well with Utah if only they can get there.

The Phoenix Suns at +500 are next. One more win and they can end the Lakers season. That can happen Thursday night. If it does not, it will be hard to beat a LeBron-led team in a game 7. They are well-equipped to beat most teams with a good scoring attack and perimeter defense.

Things Progressing in the East

All four series are done in the East. One sweep and three others that ended in five. Atlanta is last at +1700 among the remaining teams, but if Embiid is less than 100%, then the Hawks might actually have a chance at winning the series.

Philly +400 is #3 in the pecking order, but it is not looking good. Joel Embiid played like an MVP when in the lineup this year, and the latest injury is not good. A lateral meniscus tear, though only partial. They expect him to be able to play, but that might risk their future —a lose-lose situation. Atlanta is much better than Washington.

Milwaukee +250 is up next. They have Brooklyn now, but if they can find a way to win, the conference is probably theirs. The Bucks do match up pretty well with the Nets and, even without Donte DiVincenzo, have great defenders at practically every position. Plus, Bryn Forbes can score from anywhere. Don’t sleep on them in the series.

And, of course, at -134, the Nets. Making money on the Nets winning it all is hard. You need to wager significant dollars. The team has Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. Nobody outside of Brooklyn wants to see the Superteam win. But they are just so darn good. If they beat the Bucks, they’re expected to be off to the Finals.


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