Examining Bets for NBA Teams

Examining This Week’s Bet-On and Bet-Against NBA Teams

Written by on February 22, 2016

It’s time to take a look at the new week in the National Basketball Association. This week should feature a full slate of games. The action is heating up especially as we approach the month of March. March and April will make the final calls on the contenders and pretenders to win a NBA title. Let’s take a look at the best NBA online odds for teams to bet on and against this week.

Examining This Week’s Bet-On and Bet-Against NBA Teams


Boston a Solid Team to Bet On Monday

On Monday, eyeing one game in particular, and that is the Boston Celtics at the Minnesota Timberwolves. While the Timberwolves have improved this season over last, they are still a team you can bet against and be in pretty good shape. Boston is on the road, but have actually won more than they have lost on the road. This game has the makings of a road team coming away with a win. Bet on the Boston Celtics -4 over the Minnesota Timberwolves to start the week off right!

Bet the Nuggets this Tuesday

Tuesday, the only place to really find great value is in that Sacramento Kings/Denver Nuggets game. Neither team is going to the playoffs, and both teams are not very good. The Sacramento Kings are 9-18 on the road, and that is a problem. This is going to be a really small point spread, and the Nuggets are going to easily take care of that spread. Bet on the Denver Nuggets Tuesday night as part of the winning week of NBA picks!

Wednesday NBA Games to Bet

Wednesday, the Charlotte Hornets are at the Cleveland Cavaliers. This could be a possible first round playoff matchup. Unless Kemba Walker goes absolutely crazy, the Hornets have no chance at beating the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers will sweep this series. For Wednesday, Kyrie Irving should be back and ready to go – there is no doubt the Cavaliers are going to roll in this game. Bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Charlotte Hornets no doubt on Wednesday. The Golden State Warriors are at the Miami Heat on Wednesday as well. Don’t buy into the Miami Heat have been playing better hype and expect them to compete with the Warriors in this game. Steph Curry and company are going to wipe the floor on South Beach with their opponent Wednesday night. The Miami Heat on Wednesday night are a team to bet against if you want to win money. Take the Golden State Warriors and the double digit spread.

Some Bad Basketball on Thursday

Brooklyn Nets at Phoenix Suns on Thursday night – talk about bad basketball. Two of the worst teams in all of the National Basketball Association. 29 wins and 83 losses between the two. OUCH. The Nets are horrid on the road, so this is an easy win. It’s one of the few remaining games the Phoenix Suns will win. They need 6 to get to 20 on the season, and that’s not happening. A team to bet on is the Phoenix Suns Thursday night.

Friday Night Bulls Fade

Friday – the Chicago Bulls are at the Atlanta Hawks. These two teams just played before the All Star Break, and both were a mess then too. The Hawks are just a game ahead of the Bulls right now, but that will change on Friday. The Atlanta Hawks are the better team here, and it’s a bad matchup for Chicago. A team to avoid betting on is the Chicago Bulls when they play Atlanta on Friday! We will look at the weekend games as we approach. But those are some good NBA teams to bet on and bet against at MyBookie.ag this week!