NBA Parlay Betting Picks for Week 20 Matches

NBA Parlay Betting Picks for Week 20 Matches

There are two very different conferences races going on at the moment in the NBA. In the Eastern Conference, there appear to be a few teams who could still take a serious run at the top seed. We have seen several different teams spend time at the top, and while the Heat have a 2-game lead right now, the lead in the East has always felt precarious. Over in the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns have opened up a big lead and look like the team to beat. It’ll be fun to watch how things play out the rest if the way, but for now, let’s focus on the next few days by putting together some SU parlay tickets so you can bet against the NBA Odds.

Parlay Picks for the Week | NBA Week 20 Betting

NBA Parlay – 76ers, Nuggets, Suns – Wednesday, Mar. 2nd

The trade that shipped Ben Simmons out and brought James Harden in appears to be working for the 76ers, who have now won 3 in a row to move up into 3rd in the East. I like them to keep it going versus the Knicks, losers of 5 in a row.

The Nuggets are working hard to keep themselves in the top 5 in the West and have a somewhat comfortable lead over the teams sitting in the play-in section. They will have a chance to build on that at home to the Thunder.

I’ll admit that the Phoenix Suns have me a little nervous at the moment. They will be without Chris Paul for 6-8 weeks and have now lost 2 in a row. That said, I still think they are a good bet to take down Portland on home court.

NBA Parlay – Hawks, Raptors, Celtics – Thursday, Mar. 3rd

Okay, let’s start out our second ticket by taking a bit of a shot. The Bulls have won 3-straight versus Atlanta this season, but I am taking the Hawks to stop the sweep on home court. The Bulls have lost 2 in a row and look to be there for the taking.

The Toronto Raptors are on the move, winning back-to-back games to inch a little closer to the top 6, which is almost certainly their goal at this point. You have to like them to move closer still with a won over the Pistons.

It is the Boston Celtics who are the team directly above Toronto right now, so they will be looking to maintain their lead when they host the Memphis Grizzlies. This probably goes down as another risky bet, but it’s a pick I like.

NBA Parlay – Raptors, Nuggets, Suns – Friday, Mar. 4th

I’m not generally a fan of continually playing the same teams, yet here we are. This looks like a week where Toronto can really get things going, as I like them to get their second win in as many nights, this time against the Magic.

With the Houston Rockets coming into this week on a 10-game losing skid, there is no way I would consider wagering on them. It is with that in mind that I once again take the Denver Nuggets to pick up another win.

For someone that is a little nervous about the current state of the Phoenix Suns, I sure seem intent on playing them. I also seem to have it in for the Knicks, as this will be the second time that I am taking them to lose this week.


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