Orlando Magic vs Miami Heat

Top NBA Week 2 Games to Must Watch and Bet On

It’s early in the NBA season, and teams now have two or three games under their belts. It’s hard to get a good read on squads this early in the season, but we are going to give it a shot.

Let’s take a look at some upcoming games that you should keep an eye on if you’re looking to make a bet or two against the NBA odds. Here we go!

Top Must Bet NBA Games From Oct. 25th to 26th

Monday, October 25th – Orlando Magic @ Miami Heat

The Magic have a young squad and are still trying to figure out their rotation. The Heat have been built to make a long playoff run after last year’s disappointing end.

The Heat brought in Kyle Lowry to go along with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Tyler Herro has made improvements to his body and his game over the offseason, so we’re looking forward to watching him grow throughout the season.

The Heat are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA, while the Magic have been struggling to score. The Magic has also struggled on the defensive end. We know the Heat will be favored, but if it’s a low number, go with the Heat.

Tuesday, October 26th – New York Knicks @ Philadelphia 76ers

The main thing to watch in this one is the status of Joel Embiid. He was listed as questionable this past weekend with knee issues. It’s too early in the season for Embiid to already be dealing with knee problems, so we think Doc Rivers will be overly cautious with his superstar.

We also think that all of the Ben Simmons drama is taking its toll on the Sixers. They’re tired of hearing about it and having to answer questions. We’ll see how much it affects their play on the court.

As for the Knicks, they’re undefeated at the time of this writing. This hasn’t looked like a typical Tom Thibodeau team thus far, as they’ve actually been scoring points.

They’ve been scoring but haven’t been guarding well. We’ll see if this continues or if Thibs will get his defense solidified.

Tuesday, October 26th – Golden State Warriors @ Oklahoma City Thunder

Steph Curry has been outstanding to start the season. The Warriors look like they’re ready to make a playoff run this season. Jordan Poole has played well in Klay Thompson’s absence, and some of the offseason acquisitions have played key roles for the Warriors.

We know that they can put up points, and stopping the other team from scoring has already been an issue for the Thunder.

Not only have they played poorly on the defensive end, but the Thunder have also struggled to score points. Right now, they’re averaging the second-lowest number of points per game. They lack a superstar scorer, and they have yet to really find a solid rotation.

This team is in rebuild mode, so we don’t expect to see a lot of winning from the Thunder this season. They’ve been collecting draft picks, and we look for them to try to add a high first-round selection in the 2022 draft to their collection after this season.


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