Top NBA Week 5 Games to Must Watch and Bet On

Top NBA Week 5 Games to Must Watch and Bet On

Coming off what was another exceptional week on the NBA calendar, we now get to start all over and do it again. Just what everybody wanted to see. The year has been filled with excitement, with a number of teams stunning crowds every night.

The fans being back has made things normal and fantastic. Here are some of the best games to bet on this week against the NBA odds.

Top Must Bet NBA Games From Nov. 15th to 19th

Grizzlies over Rockets – Monday

The Rockets will be heading to Tennessee for a battle with the Grizzlies, who have not been playing up to par on the young season. They were expected to be just a little better than they have been, but it has not quite come to fruition yet.

Houston, meanwhile, has just been doing a whole lot of losing. They are figuring out how to get better, considering how much talent they put on the court each night. The team has a lot to offer and looks to have plenty of future upsides. For now, though, a lot of L’s will ensue.

Make sure to bet Memphis, as this is going to be some easy money.

Clippers over Spurs – Tuesday

Now that their long winning streak is over at seven, it is time for the Clippers to begin anew. With how they have been looking, given all of the injuries they are dealing with, it would appear that a big season is ahead for them. They have exceeded the expectations placed on them so far.

As for the Spurs, they are going to win some games and surprise folks, but this is not a contender at all. They have a lot of holes on the roster, and they have greatly missed Jakob Poeltl out there, as he deals with COVID-19.

In a matchup like this, it would appear L.A. is going to be a heavy betting favorite. Paul George won’t just let them lose contests. The losing streak will stop before it hits two.

Warriors over Pistons – Friday

The Warriors eastern conference road trip will continue throughout the week, including a stop in Cleveland on Thursday. From there, they will complete a back-to-back set, the latter contest coming against the Pistons. This is a game that will mark one of the easiest for the team if they can just avoid falling into the trap.

As for Detroit, this is not going to be a fun night. They probably will not be able to contain Steph, so the only hope would be getting the offense going early. Losing Kelly Olynyk is a major blow for them, and they have been hesitant to use Luka Garza for long stretches as his replacement. So, they just play small when Isaiah Stewart is not in the game

Watching Cade Cunningham and his growth has been a treat, but he may have a tough time here, as there is no weak leak on the Warriors’ defense.

Make sure to choose the Dubs, as they will be expected to win big. They will probably make that happen.


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