FEB 13 - Handicapping Tips For The College Basketball Championship

Handicapping Tips For The College Basketball Championship

Written by on February 13, 2017

If you’re excited about the quickly-approaching March Madness national championship tournament and you’re looking for some expert betting tips that will help you increase your chances of cashing in early and often come tourney time, then look no further.

I’ve got five great tips that could help you cash in big when March Madness predictions gets started in approximately three weeks. Now, let’s get down to business.

In Depth Analysis On The Handicapping Tips For The College Basketball Championship

1. Guard Play

With today’s game being more guard-oriented than ever, look for teams that have steady play in the backcourt, much like Villanova did a year with point guard Ryan Arcidiacono and Josh Hart leading the way to the national championship win and much like the Wildcats are doing again this season with Hart (18.8 ppg) and Jalen Brunson (14.2 ppg) leading the charge. Teams that have outstanding backcourt really do have a better chance of winning in today’s perimeter-based game.

2. Free Throw Shooting

Have you ever lost – or won – a wager because of a team’s free throw shooting? Make sure you look at each team’s free throw shooting percentages because it could mean huge difference between a winning wager and a losing one!

3. Defense Wins Championships

While everyone loves a team with a high-scoring offense, the fact of the matter is that teams that play outstanding defense – and force their opponents into ugly shooting percentages – is a great pick to make a deep tourney run during March Madness. Look for teams that play great defense and ride them hard unless the situation calls for a different pick.

4. Twice in One Season

Never count a team out to beat an opponent twice in one season. Some college hoops bettors believe that it’s extremely difficult to beat a team twice in one season, but I disagree, particularly if one team is clearly better than the other. For instance, let’s say North Carolina is facing a clearly weak Wake Forest team in the latter stages of the regular season after facing their ACC rivals in one of the numerous season-opening tournaments that are so popular in today’s game.

If the Tar Heels routed the Demon Deacons by 15 points in December, then unless there’s some significant change to either ballclub, you’ve got to know that the Heels are likely looking at another easy victory in their second matchup. Don’t be afraid to bet on one team to beat another twice in one season.

5. Big Win The Last Time Out?

Just like every other sport, a team coming off a huge, emotion-filled win in their previous contest, is almost surely due for a let-down the next time out. For example…let’s say the Indiana Hoosiers get all fired up for a home date against perennially-powerful Kansas and the Hoosiers manage to get a huge home win over the Jayhawks.

Now, in their next game, Indiana is a 6-point home favorite to beat a solid Purdue team. Well, you’d better know that Purdue is going to go all-out in order to get the statement-making upset win while the Hoosiers will likely be looking to get their energy levels back up to normal and their emotions in control after their thriller against Kansas in their previous game. Always be wary of backing a team coming off a huge victory in their previous contest.