2019 March Madness Betting Tips.

2019 March Madness Betting Tips

Whether you’re a consistent bettor that wagers on the NCAAB action throughout the course of the season or one that only wagers on the excitement-laden sport when 2019 March Madness rolls around, you’re about to be treated to a handful of expert betting tips that could help you cash in early and often on the national championship tournament when it gets underway in earnest on Thursday.

2019 March Madness Betting Tips

Pick a No. 1 Seed To Win It All!

The first thing you need to do as a March Madness college hoops bettor is to pick a No. 1 seed to win the whole shebang!

Since the NCAA Tournament was expanded to 64 teams way back in 1985, 21 of the 34 teams to win the national championship have been a No. 1 seed. No. 1 seeds have won each of the last two national championships and six of the nine titles game since the 2010 version took place. As a matter of fact, No. 1 seeds are almost four times more likely to win the championship as a No. 2 seed. If you didn’t know…there have been only been eight championship games that did not feature a 1 seed at all.

  • 1989 — 3-seed Michigan beats 3-seed Seton Hall
  • 1991 — 2-seed Duke beats 3-seed Kansas
  • 1998 — 2-seed Kentucky beats 3-seed Utah
  • 2003 — 3-seed Syracuse beats 2-seed Kansas
  • 2004 — 2-seed UConn beats 3-seed Georgia Tech
  • 2006 — 3-seed Florida beats 2-seed UCLA
  • 2011 — 3-seed UConn beats 8-seed Butler
  • 2014 — 7-seed UConn beats 8-seed Kentucky


Sure…while today’s young people say ‘deuces’ when they’re leaving…the fact of the matter is that, outside of top seeds, No. 2 seeds are next in line. While No. 1 seeds have won 61.8 percent of the national championships in the bracket era, No. 2 seeds have won it all 14.7 percent of the time.

Get Low, Get Low, Get Low!

Every time I hear the phrase ‘Get Low’, I think of the hilarious Martin Lawrence, but what I’m about to share is no laughing matter at all.

One of the most important betting tips you can employ when betting on March Madness is to identify some lower seeded teams that are offering legitimate value – even if you can’t see it.

DYK Moment

Did You Know that at least one First Four team has reached the round of 32 in all six years of the format?

How Sweet It Is!

Did You Know that at least one First Four team has been to the Sweet 16 in three of the past six years?

Identify Who’s Hot

If you can find a team that has gotten really hot at the end of the regular season or one that caught fire in its conference championship tournament, then you need to throw a few betting bucks on that team – for a few rounds at the very least.

If you didn’t know before, you should. No team that has lost its opening-round conference tournament matchup has ever gone on to win the national championship.

Identify Who’s Not

Just like identifying streaking is just a smart thing to do and a virtual must for March Madness betting buffs, the same is true for teams that have struggled late in the regular season or ones that underachieved in their respective conference championships.

Gonzaga can get hot during the 2019 March Madness.

Teams that have seen their collective confidence take a hit just prior to March Madness generally don’t find that confidence once the national championship tournament gets underway.

Think…Tennis or Boxing

If you know anything about tennis or boxing, then you know that styles make matches and that the ‘better’ player or fighter doesn’t always win, depending on who he’s facing. Styles make matches in both sports and the same applies for March Madness.

Sometimes you may see an elite offensive team run into a powerful defensive juggernaut that knows just how to shut their high-powered offense down. Other times, you might see two high-powered offensive teams get into a high-scoring shootout that comes down to the last possession or two despite on team being the much higher seed. Remember, when it comes to March Madness, styles make matches.

Make at Least One Upset Pick for Each Region

If you learned anything from last season’s slate of March madness upsets it’s that you need to make at least one (at the minimum) upset pick for each region.

Sure, this can be a super difficult feat, but there’s going to be at least one lower seeded team that rises up and beats the square pants off their higher seeded opponent, so, make sure you find some value-packed lower seeds and back them for an upset or two!

2019 March Madness Expert Betting News

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