College Basketball High Seeds Looking Vulnerable To An Upset

Most Vulnerable NCAAB Teams For Betting Upset

Written by on March 10, 2016

When you are putting together a tournament bracket for the NCAA tournament betting spread, the first thing you want to do is find teams that are vulnerable for an early round loss. There has been a ton of talk about how difficult the tournament is going to be this season. You just never know who will win and who will lose during this tournament. Here are five likely high seeds that look vulnerable for an upset this NCAA tournament:

Most Vulnerable NCAAB Teams For Betting Upset


Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana Hoosiers – the Big Ten regular season champion have won five straight games heading into the Big  Ten tournament. Tom Crean and his crew have developed a ton of confidence, and are likely to receive a top 3 seed in the tournament. But, many expect the Hoosiers to be a first weekend loser. The Hoosiers will play an upstart conference champion, such as a Northern Iowa. If the Hoosiers shots do not fall, they could be in trouble. Indiana is vulnerable in the tournament.

Villanova Wildcats

Of course when talking about vulnerable teams that could be upset come the NCAA tournament, the list has to include Villanova. Can Jay Wright get his Wildcats past the first weekend of the tournament this season? Very likely a #1 seed in the tournament, many experts will likely select them to be the first top seed eliminated from the tournament. Very dependant on their ability to shoot the basketball makes for a very vulnerable team come tournament time.

Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa may not be a high seed as much anymore. Remember a couple weeks ago when this team was one of the top teams in the nation. Iowa at that point was looking at a #1 seed in the tournament. Now, the Hawkeyes appear to be free falling. There is a chance the Hawkeyes could still be a top 4 seed, but likely have fallen to a 5. The Hawkeyes and the way they are playing right now are extremely vulnerable this postseason.

Iowa State

Iowa State will fit right in with their state partner, Iowa Hawkeyes. The Cyclones are very likely to receive a seed similar to the Hawkeyes. Both fit right in around a 5 seed. Both teams played in a rugged conference season, in which appears to have ran them down. The Iowa State Cyclones are heading into the Big 12 tournament, and would like to charge their batteries. If they don’t get recharged, they are a big time vulnerable team this tournament.

Xavier Musketeers

The Xavier Musketeers are a huge question mark this postseason. Many people would like to see this “mid major” out of the Big East win four games and get to the Final Four. Chris Mack has assisted his team as a very tough, battle tested team. But, many question marks on whether they can handle the grind of the first weekend. They can guard, but they are really offensive dependant, therefore the wrong matchup could spell doom for Xavier. Look out for Xavier being a vulnerable team to fall in the NCAA tournament this March.There is a list of five great choices that are high seeds this tournament that are vulnerable to get beat early in March Madness!