Mind-Bending 2018 March Madness Betting Trends

Mind-Bending 2018 March Madness Betting Trends

Written by on March 8, 2018

Sit up right and hold on tight. You’re about to get a handful of mind-bending March Madness betting trends!If you’re putting your college basketball postseason betting plan together for the quickly approaching 2018 March Madness national championship tournament, then you’ve come to the right place college hoops betting buffs.Sure, you could end up in your local psych ward, but hey, you could also win your office pool or even better, cash in big at the best online sportsbook there is – MyBookie!

Mind-Bending 2018 March Madness Betting Trends

Three is a Magic Number

If you’re over 45-years-old and you grew up watching ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ like I did, then you already know that three is a magic number. If you didn’t ride the horse and buggy to school with Abe Lincoln as my 15-year-old son likes to remind me that I did, then you should know that No. 3 seeds have won 49 of 52 matchups against their No. 14 seed opening round opponents dating back to 2000. Of course, Stephen F. Austin blew this trend to smithereens back in 2012 by becoming the first No. 14 seed since 2000 to win outright when they upset unsuspecting 3-seed West Virginia. Since then, at least one No. 14 seed has pulled off an upset over a No. 3 seed every year.

Heel – or Put That Dog on the Leash!

Underdogs had won three straight NCAA Tournament until the favored North Carolina Tar Heels made the underdog Gonzaga Bulldogs heel (pun intended) a year ago to win it all.


While the dogs have won three of the last four tourney titles, favorites are 4-3 over the last seven and the two have split the Last 10 NCAA title games evenly.

We’re No. 1 – Unless It’s UConn!

Reports say that Kevin Ollie might be gone at Connecticut, but he, he’ll be going out with a national championship in his back pocket which is more than a lot of other coaches can say. Only twice in the last 10 NCAA Championship games has there not been a No. 1 seed playing for it all. In 2013, No. 8 Kentucky lost to Ollie’s seventh-ranked UConn Huskies and in 2011, now retired head coach Jim Calhoun led No. 3 UConn to the national championship over No. 8 Butler.Will this betting trends give you an edge for the 2018 March Madness tournament?

Sweet ‘Six-cess’

If you’re looking for underdogs that are offering good value heading into the 2018 national championship, then you should know that No. 11 seeds have won outright in half of the 28 round-of-64 matchups featuring a No. 6 seed versus a No. 11 seed in the last seven years. Hell, the only year no 11 seed failed to win a game outright was in 2004.

Ask Your Wife or Girlfriend!

Generally you’ll hear your wife or girlfriend, that doesn’t know a thing about college basketball – say something like, “The team in blue is going to win.”When you ask, “Why is that?” and she responds, “Because I like blue” you better drop some cold hard cash on your wife or girlfriend’s pick. Why? Because 12 of the last 13 NCAA Tournament champions have had a shade of blue among their school colors. Only Louisville (2013) didn’t. Who knew?

Consistent No. 13’s

A No. 13 seed has bounced a No. 4 seed out of the national championship tournament in seven of the last nine years and 19 of the last 26 overall. Believe it or not, No. 8 seeds have reached the championship game and won it just as often as No. 4 seeds.

Beasts of the East

Hailing from the east coast, I take a lot of pride in telling people that ballers from New York, Philadelphia and other east coast-based basketball hotbed play a different – and more mentally tougher – brand of basketball than their west coast-based counterparts. Apparently I’m right too, because an insane 18 of the last 19 NCAA Tournament champions have come from the Eastern time zone