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Re-examining NCAAB preseason bet-on and bet-against teams

Written by on February 19, 2016

As we approach March it’s time we take a look at some of the college basketball teams that have been under or over performing ATS. Often times, individuals like to bet on teams based solely on their win/loss record. If this team is 20-5 on the season, they are surely a good March Madness betting option, right? That is not always the case. You have to look at the Against the Spread numbers to get a true picture of how that team is performing against the books. That same 20-5 team may be 5-20 against the spread, meaning they just don’t cover many games and are a great team to fade.We are going to look at some teams that you may want to consider betting on and some that you may want to bet against going into the final month of the season.

Who are the Best NCAAB Bet On and Bet Against Teams

Good Teams that are Great to Bet On

Kansas: The Jayhawks are one of the favorites to win it all this year. They are senior led and have a ton of experience. Being such a big program they often times draw the eye of bettors. But Kansas is performing! Not only are they 22-4 on the season but they are 16-8 against the number so far. Bet on the Jayhawks at with confidence. South Carolina: The Gamecocks are surprising a lot of people this season with their 21-5 record. They are up near the top of the SEC and really stifle teams with their defense. Defense wins games and apparently helps cover spreads. South Carolina is 16-7 ATS on the season. They are often times a team that goes overlooked by bettors, so keep them on your radar going forward. St. Joseph’s: St. Joes comes in at 22-4 on the season. They are tied atop the Atlantic 10 conference with Dayton and VCU. But the one thing St. Joseph’s has that they don’t — is a 18-6-1 ATS record on the year. They are 8-2 ATS over their last 10. They are getting it done for bettors.

Good Teams that are Bad to Bet On

Baylor: The Bears are 19-7 on the season and fighting with the big boys in the Big 12 conference. A quick look at that and you would think, “what a great team to bet on”. WRONG. Baylor is just 7-12-1 against the spread this season. So even though they are winning games, they just aren’t covering that number. Be cautious when betting on them. North Carolina: This is a perfect example of a team that is burning bettors. North Carolina wins a lot of games and has a huge following nation wide. They are 21-5 on the season but just 10-15-1 ATS on the year. Lines sometimes may be inflated against North Carolina due to their nationally recognized name. Think twice before you make that bet on the Tarheels.
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Bad Teams that are Great to Bet On

Charlotte: Just because Charlotte is not good at basketball doesn’t mean you can’t bet on them. The 49ers are 10-16 SU on the season. But, they cover spreads. They are 16-8 ATS on the season and have been a profitable bet for people all season long. UCF: Central Florida is another team that may not make the tournament, but they can make you money. They are 11-13 on the season but an impressive 14-8 ATS so far in 2015-16. Bet on UCF at MyBookie with confidence. Keep these teams in mind as you are looking for some great spots to win bets at going into March Madness. Be sure to always check the ATS stats along with the win/loss record to get a true picture of that team’s season.
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