3 Reasons to Bet on Michigan Wolverines for the 2018 Playoffs

3 Reasons to Bet on Michigan Wolverines for the 2018 Playoffs

Written by on November 23, 2018

The Michigan Wolverines are 2 games away from stamping their ticket to the College Football Playoff. A victory over rival Ohio State in Week 13 and a win over Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship on Dec. 1 will send Jim Harbaugh and Michigan to the CFP. Should bettors wager on the Wolverines to upset Clemson, Alabama, and Notre Dame, the other likely CFP participants? Check out reasons why wagers should be forthcoming on the hot Michigan Wolverines. And be sure to check out the latest College Football Playoff odds at our online sportsbook.

3 Reasons to Bet on Michigan Wolverines for the 2018 Playoffs

 1. Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh

Harbaugh arrived to Ann Arbor with much fanfare. But, he was actually on the hot seat heading into the season after falling to Notre Dame. The loss to the Irish this seasons wasn’t a good start because second-tier SEC squad South Carolina had beaten Michigan in the 2018 Outback Bowl.

But, the Wolverines turned it around, and most of the credit goes to Harbaugh. Coach Jim made a single important decision that’s led to this Michigan team turning into a juggernaut. He decided during the offseason to stick to the run game.

By sticking to the rush, especially by putting Ed Warinner in charge of the offensive line, Harbaugh made Michigan a battering ram team that worked more towards the long game, beating up defensive lines until taking over in the fourth quarter.

The program hired Harbaugh to win a title. It looks like this might be the season because he made that all important decision.

2. Wolverines Play Defense Like an NFL Team

Look what happens when you rush the ball well? Defenses thrive when you run the ball because they can do more things. They mustn’t blitz on every play. They mustn’t be too conservative. More importantly, when you rush the football well, opposing offenses are always in catch up mode because it becomes a matter of possessions.

The Wolverines play defense like an NFL team. They rely on the powerful rushing attack and then, always fresh in the fourth quarter, simply dominate. Opponents average 243.8 total yards and a ridiculously low 13.5 points.

3. Michigan History Says They’re Due

The last official Michigan National Championship happened in 1997. Lloyd Carr coached the Wolverines to a 20-16 win over Washington State in the Rose Bowl on Jan. 1, 1998.

The Wolverines also split the National Championship with Alabama in 1992. The Wolverines are just about due for another championship. Michigan ranks first in total wins and winning percentage. That includes ranking ahead of Alabama.

A program with this much success seems due for a championship after 20 years.
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