How To Get Bigger Profits By Betting Against Tired NCAAF Teams

Written by on October 19, 2016

College football is an extremely physical and labor-intensive sport that is bound to come with fatigue for the players after a given run of games. A bad case of fatigue can easily mess up the winning chances of even the best teams. This means that, as a bettor, you have to consider the element of fatigue when handicapping college football games, especially when looking to place wagers on NCAAF betting lines past the mid-way part of the season.

Analyzing How To Get Bigger Profits By Betting Against Tired NCAAF Teams


The most primary aspect of tired college football teams comes when you are dealing with a team that has played for four-plus weeks without a bye or a rest of any form. Such teams will often be a little heavy-legged or off-pace when playing against more rested opponents, setting up a perfect opportunity to bet against the tired team either in the SU or ATS lines.

The other case of fatigue is when a team has been involved in long travels. Traveling a long distance means fatigue to the players, hence limited ability to play at an optimum level. This is usually made worse when a team is traveling from the west coast of the country to the east side, leading to the loss of three hours of sleep. With lack of sleep and sufficient rest comes the lack of energy, which often translates to tired players on the field. Spotting teams that fit this bill will more often than not mean good value betting opportunities for keen bettors.

The final instance of tired players is usually manifested on teams that play on short rests, like having to play on Saturday and then having a game on Thursday the next week. Playing on such a short schedule often means playing without much rest, and this can lead to slack performance on the field.

Of course, not all teams will lose games out-rightly just because of fatigue or short rest. Most good teams like Alabama and Ohio State Buckeyes will often find ways of making the necessary adjustments and play just well enough to win the games. But even in such instances, you will find that the teams are not able to score enough points to cover the spread or take the game’s total high as was expected. This offers value betting options for ATS and total bettors, who can bet on the opposite teams to cover the spread or bank on a UNDER in the total lines.
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