NCAA Betting News - College Football Season

NCAA Betting News – College Football Season

Written by on August 18, 2020

Over the past few months, all the major sports leagues across the world have made decisions about how to best proceed, or not, with their sport. In the vast majority of cases, it was after an agreement between the league and the players that plans were made to continue the season or put things on hold for a little while longer. It seemed to be the smart way to move forward, yet the NCAA is still dragging its feet in deciding what to do with the college football season. Rather than choosing to make a decision that everyone would need to abide by, they have instead handed the decision to each of the individual conferences, which has created total chaos. Let’s find out the current state of the NCAA so you can plan ahead your bets against their College Football odds.

Will There be College Football Season to Bet on This Season?

How the Power 5 Voted

For a while, it looked as though we were destined for a 10-game schedule where all teams would play within their conference. It was an idea that most seemed to embrace, but just as we thought that college football was a go, news began to emerge that the season was going to be shit down and moved to next spring. As of now, we still have no clear idea as to how things are going to play out.

The Big Ten and the PAC-12 have both announced that they will not be playing football on the fall, and that they are looking at a spring start. It is a move that has not gone over well with student athletes and their parents. While players have taken to social media to say that they want to play, parents of players on Big ten teams have been hammering schools and demanding answers as to why the season has been shut down while other conferences opt to play.

What is perhaps not that surprising is that players really haven’t been given much of a voice here. The reality is that it is their health that is most at risk, yet they have been left to yell into the void on Twitter, with their protests seemingly going unheard, at least for the moment.

The 3 remaining conferences in the Power 5 – ACC, Big 12, and SEC – all have plans to play the conference schedule that we mentioned earlier. The SEC has even gone as far as setting a September 26 start date and allowing schools to plan how they will deal with fans in attendance and the wearing of masks. Alabama head coach Nick Saban went as far as to suggest that a spring season would end up looking like a JV league given that many of the best players would opt out with the NFL Draft right around the corner.

What Will the College Season Look Like?

One thing that we can probably say for sure is that Bowl Season will not happen, as most of the smaller conferences have already opted out of playing a season. I’m not sure there will be a National Championship Game either, as it would be hard to do with just 3 conferences playing football. That said, I can see each of the competing conferences having their championship game as usual, but given how things have gone these past few weeks, that could all change, too.

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