Updated College Football Championship Betting Odds – October 24th Edition.

Updated College Football Championship Odds – October 24th Edition

Written by on October 24, 2017

Halloween is now just a few days away, which means that the first official rankings from the College Football Playoff Committee are also right around the corner. This season represents one of the few times when the top 4 is as clear-cut as it gets, as the teams occupying those spots right now are the ones with the best College Football Championship odds and definitely deserve to be there. Sure, you could argue about the order, but that’s really just nit-picking at the moment. Things may become even clearer this weekend, as there are a few games that could have a major impact on the rankings from top to bottom. The top 4 could change, as there are a couple of teams that could easily slide in with a win. Let’s look further ahead, though, by looking at the current odds to win the 2018 College Football Championship.

Updated College Football Championship Odds – October 24th Edition

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Alabama Crimson Tide

  • College Football Championship Odds: -150
If you listen to coach Nick Saban, you would believe that the media is having a love affair with the Crimson Tide, which is something he believes may lead to complacency among his players. I find the opposite to be true, though, because, after every Alabama win, there are sports writers all over the country penning articles about the perceived weaknesses on this team and how to expose them. Until a team can take advantage of those supposed holes, Alabama is going to remain the favorite. They have two potentially tough games ahead of them before the playoffs: The Iron Bowl versus Auburn, and the SEC Championship Game, most likely against Georgia. Win those games and the odds will become less favorable for bettors.

Ohio State Buckeyes

  • College Football Championship Odds: +380
If you like Ohio State to get into the playoffs and win it all, now may be the time to wager on them. Their odds are going to head in the wrong direction for bettors if they can come up with a win versus the Penn State Nittany Lions this weekend. Yes, the Buckeyes have a loss on their record this season, but as losses go, a defeat at the hands of Oklahoma is not going to be seen as a bad one in the eyes of the committee. I don’t see them winning a National Championship, but these are good odds when you consider that they need to be perfect the rest of the way.

Clemson Tigers

  • College Football Championship Odds: +800
The defending National Champions took a stunning loss to Syracuse a couple of weeks back, but are essentially still in control of their own destiny in the ACC. If Clemson can go unbeaten the rest of the way and win the ACC Championship Game, it’s hard to imagine that the playoff committee will leave them out of the final four. Clemson's College Football Championship Betting Odds don't look very good.

Penn State Nittany Lions

  • College Football Championship Odds: +580
Sure, there is still the possibility that Penn State could slip up before the end of the season, but I think they are an almost certain playoff lock if they can take down the Buckeyes in Ohio this weekend. That would give them back to back wins against two of the biggest programs in the Big 10, which is going to be very hard to overlook. They could potentially win the National Championship and have the Heisman Trophy winner, which would be quite the double.

Georgia Bulldogs

  • College Football Championship Odds: +800
These are fantastic odds if you like to have a wager on the National Champion. There are still a couple of questions that need to be answered before being totally sold on Georgia. Can they win it all with a freshman QB, and can they overcome Alabama in the SEC? Given their running game, I would think that the answer to the first question is a resounding YES, but it’s the second question that probably has Georgia still sitting at very good odds.

Rest of the Bunch

  • Notre Dame: +1600
  • TCU: +1800
  • Wisconsin: +2000
  • Miami Florida: +2000
  • Oklahoma: +2300
  • Oklahoma State: +2300
  • Washington: +3300
  • North Carolina State: +5500
  • Auburn: +7000
  • Michigan State: +8000
  • Central Florida: +10000
  • South Florida: +10000
  • Michigan: +15000
  • USC: +15000
  • LSU: +25000
  • Stanford: +25000
  • Washington State: +25000
  • Virginia Tech: +25000
  • Mississippi State: +35000
  • Georgia Tech: +35000
  • West Virginia: +35000
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