2016 NFL Parlay Picks And Predictions For Week 6

2016 NFL Parlay Picks And Predictions For Week 6

Written by on July 19, 2016

It’s hard to believe that we are in the middle of July, and we are already nearly halfway through the NFL season. No, I have not lost my mind, but I am talking about the parlay picks that I have been delivering for the upcoming NFL season. It may seem a little crazy to talk about online NFL betting when training camps aren’t even in session yet, but part of the fun of sports is making predictions that can make you look like a genius or a fool. I am hoping to avoid the latter label with these parlay selections, but I am also aware that injuries and other mishaps may lead to my picks looking really bad once the action actually gets underway. I am sure you are all already aware that my choices here are all based on pre-season speculation, and that they could well change with each passing week. That said, let’s get to my parlay picks for Week 7 of the NFL season.

Analyzing The 2016 NFL Parlay Picks And Predictions For Week 6


Packers over Bears

While a large number of NFL QB’s would have killed to have the stats that Aaron Rodgers posted last season, it was still considered something of a down year for a QB of his elite status. In fairness, he was missing a number of key offensive elements through injury, which makes me believe that Green Bay Packers are going to bounce back in a big way this coming season. They get Week 7 started with a Thursday night game against the Bears at Lambeau, which is a game I think they will win quite handily.

Bengals over Browns

I am aware that I am following a very familiar pattern by taking the Browns to lose again, but they make it very easy for me to do so. They are certainly not going to lose every single game this season, but there are just some match-ups that they look destined to lose. Going into Cincinnati to face a very good Bengals team strikes me as one of those occasions. This should be an easy win for the Bengals.

Vikings over Eagles

It has to be said that Week 7 is proving to be the toughest to handicap so far, as there are a number of great match-ups to choose from. Choosing a very definite road winner was hard, but I like the Vikings to go on the road to Philly and come away with the win. I think that Minnesota are a legitimate dark horse team this season, and would not be surprised to see them challenge the Packers for the NFC North.

Texans over Broncos

There were a number of games in Week 7 that fit the bill nicely for my iffy pick of the week, but this one stood out. You have Brock Osweiler heading back to Denver as a member of the Texans, and you can bet that he wants to stick it to his old team. He is going against a tough D, but the Broncos have some real question marks at the QB position. I like the Texans to win in a low scoring game.

NFL Week 7 Parlay Picks

Packers, Bengals, Vikings….possibly Texans.