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Parlay Picks For 2016 NFL Week 6

Written by on July 19, 2016

By now, we are all well aware of the Super Bowl lines, so we all have a pretty good idea of which teams are going to be among the best this coming season. This is all speculation of course, as injuries and unexpected poor performances are something that we see every single year. The odds will change over the course of the season, and they may have changed dramatically by the time we hit Week 6 of the season. By now, you can expect the cream to have risen to the top, but you can also count on there being a couple of upset teams in the mix. As always, wagering on the NFL and winning on a regular basis is going to be as tough as ever, but I am going to continue offering up my parlay picks for each week of the season. Keep in mind that these are very early picks, and there is a very good chance that they may change as the fortunes of every team changes from week to week. Without further ado, let’s get to the picks.

A Closer Look At The Parlay Picks For 2016 NFL Week 6


Steelers over Dolphins

In my humble opinion, the Pittsburgh Steelers would have been the reigning Super Bowl champions had they not been forced to limp into the AFC Championship Game in Denver with a large portion of their offense unable to play due to injury. Their young defense is going to just keep getting better, and a healthy offensive unit is going to wreak havoc on a Dolphins team that is likely to be mediocre at best this season.

Seahawks over Falcons

It was not a rookie year for coach Dan Quinn to remember after his Falcons team fell apart in the second half of the season after a very promising start. He is coming into this season on the hot seat, and is not helped by the fact that the Falcons have one of the toughest schedules in the 2016 NFL season. This is perhaps the toughest of the bunch and is a game that is not likely to end well for the Falcons.

Jaguars over Bears

There is an awful lot of excitement and hope to be seen in Jacksonville this offseason, as fans there have finally seen their team spend big in free agency to try and build a winning team. Might this be the season where the Jags actually compete, and when the owners are forced to take the tarp off the upper level seating sections? Time will only tell, but I think the Jags could pick up the road win in Chicago in 2016 NFL Week 6.

Redskins over Eagles

I am making this one my iffy selection for the week, simply because I’m not sure what to expect from either of these two teams. If Kirk Cousins starts this season the way he finished it for Washington last year, they could be a legitimate threat. I am counting on him doing just that, which is why I am tentatively taking Washington at home in this one.

NFL Week 6 Parlay Picks

Steelers, Seahawks, Jaguars….possibly Redskins.