2017 NFL Week 4 Expert Predictions and Must Bet Games

2017 NFL Week 4 Expert Predictions and Must Bet Games

Written by on July 25, 2017

This NFL Week 4 will see several teams open their doors for the 2017 training camp, which means we are one step closer to the start of the new season. It’s tough to be patient when you are a huge football fan, but we can kill the time by breaking down each and every game that will be played this year. It gives us some time to start thinking about which games we will bet on each week, too. While some of you will be looking for the slam dunk games that should help you build your bankroll, many more of you will be looking at the games that will deliver great match-ups and a real test of your football handicapping prowess. Let’s jump ahead to Week 4 of the 2017 NFL season and look at just a few of the NFL betting games that are sure to be grabbing your attention.

2017 NFL Week 4 Expert Predictions and Must Bet Games


Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

These two bitter AFC North rivals always deliver games to remember, as these are two teams that genuinely do not like one another. Who can forget the classic that they served up last Christmas Day, when Antonio Brown stretched out to score a late TD that put the Steeler in the playoffs, knocking out the Ravens in the process? These always tend to be close, low-scoring affairs that are often decided by an untimely mistake or turnover. Expect this one to follow a similar pattern, with the winning team winning by a FG or less.

Baltimore Ravens NFL Week 4 Team Statistics

Offensive total yards: 347.69 Average Score For: 21.44 Offensive rush yards: 91.12 Defensive total yards: 322.12 Offensive passing yards: 256.56 Defensive rush yards: 89.38 Average Score Against: 20.06 Defensive passing yards: 232.75

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

The AFC South proved to be a great battle last season, with the Texans pipping the Titans for top spot via a tiebreaker. The Texans come into this season with some questions still to be answered at the QB position, although we do know that they are going to be as solid as ever on defense. The Titans took a big step forward last year, and the feeling is that they may be able to do even better in 2017. Whether they can improve and take the division crown may well hinge on how well they do in this one. Still gotta like the Texans a home, though.

Tennessee Titans NFL Week 4 Team Statistics

Offensive total yards: 358.12 Average Score For: 23.81 Offensive rush yards: 137.31 Defensive total yards: 357.56 Offensive passing yards: 220.81 Defensive rush yards: 88.38 Average Score Against: 23.62 Defensive passing yards: 269.19

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Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots

It was a rough year for the Panthers last season, as they followed up their Super Bowl loss to the Broncos with a clunker of a season. The Panthers failed to make the playoffs, and for much of the season looked like a team suffering from an SB hangover. They will have every opportunity to bounce back this season, and what better way to see how you rank than a road trip to play the current Super Bowl champs. Can Tom Brady continue to deliver now that he has hit 40? I see no reason why he can’t, and the Patriots are going to be as tough to beat as always.

Carolina Panthers NFL Week 4 Team Statistics

Offensive total yards: 343.69 Average Score For: 23.06 Offensive rush yards: 113.38 Defensive total yards: 359.69 Offensive passing yards: 230.31 Defensive rush yards: 91.50 Average Score Against: 25.12 Defensive passing yards: 268.19

LA Raiders at Denver Broncos

As great a season as it was for the 12-4 Raiders last year, they definitely finished things up with a “what could have been” type of mentality after losing Derek Carr to a broken leg. The QB has signed a juicy new deal, and the Raiders look ready to roll again this year, with Marshawn Lynch in the fold and ready to carry the running load. The Chiefs and Broncos are going to battle the Raiders all the way for the division crown, and if that Broncos D continues to excel, we could be in for a heck of a game here.

Denver Broncos NFL Week 4 Team Statistics

Offensive total yards: 323.06 Defensive total yards: 316.06 Offensive passing yards: 230.31 Average Score For: 20.81 Offensive rush yards: 92.75 Defensive rush yards: 130.31 Average Score Against: 18.56 Defensive passing yards: 185.75 The Seahawks will count themselves a little unlucky last NFL Week 4 season.

Indianapolis Colts at Seattle Seahawks

The Sunday night game in Week 4 looks to be a very good on indeed, as the Indianapolis Colts look to bounce back after a don year. The Seahawks will count themselves a little unlucky last season, as they were hit by injuries to a number of key personnel, effectively killing their Super Bowl hopes in the process. Two very different QB’s in Andrew Luck and Russel Wilson going head to head here, and that makes things very interesting indeed, although you have to like the Seahawks at home.

Indianapolis Colts NFL Week 4 Team Statistics

Offensive total yards: 364.44 Average Score For: 25.69 Offensive rush yards: 101.81 Defensive total yards: 382.88 Offensive passing yards: 262.62 Defensive rush yards: 120.38 Average Score Against: 24.50 Defensive passing yards: 262.50
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