Pick Out the Best Future NFL Betting Odds during Off-season

Pick Out the Best Future NFL Betting Odds during Off-season

Last week, we wrote an article about future bets for the coming NFL season that focused on things like the MVP award, rookie picks, and other such things.

We are going to take a much too early look ahead to the season again this week, but this time we are focusing on the Divisions and Conference AFC and NFC winners.


My Analysis

We are going to quickly break down each division with the NFL current odds and who you should consider betting. At the end of the division previews, we will then do the same thing for the conference as a whole. Without further ado, let’s dive in and get a look at those odds and predictions.


AFC Future Bets

NFL East Division Picks

This is a division that appears to be pretty wide open this season, with the bookies basically giving 3 of the 4 teams a legit shot at winning it. The Buffalo Bills are in as slight favorites at +160, but they have the Miami Dolphins (+200) and New York Jets (+200), who will have Aaron Rodgers back and healthy, in the mix, too. If I was forced to make a pick right now, I think my money would be on the Dolphins, but I could still be swayed.


NFL North Division Picks

It’s probably no real surprise that the Baltimore Ravens (+115) are in as the favorite to win it again, but they may have some stiff competition. Joe Burrow will be back for the Bengals, who are sitting at +165. The Cleveland Browns (+600) will be looking to bounce back, but the Steelers (+850) might be a dark horse here if Russell Wilson can turn back the clock and put some life back in the offense. Still, I have to take Baltimore to win the North.


NFL West Division Picks

This seems to be the Chiefs division to lose, as the Super Bowl champs are clear favorites at odds of (-226). The LA Chargers (+300) seem to be the only real threat here, but the Wild Card seems like the most likely path for them. It figures to be a long season for both the Las Vegas Raiders (+1200) and the Denver Broncos (+1500). I think this is a slam dunk pick, with the Chiefs winning in a canter, assuming they stay healthy.


NFL South Division Picks

It seems as though the Houston Texans (+110) have found their starting QB, with CJ Stroud having an epic rookie season. That was more than enough to have the bookies placing the Texans as the favorite to win the South, but they may have some competition. The Jacksonville Jaguars (+240) will try to be more consistent this year, while the Indianapolis Colts (+240) could be in the picture. The Tennessee Titans (+1000) look a long way off. I am taking the chalk here and picking the Texans.



The consensus seems to be that we are looking at a showdown between the Kansas City (+320) Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens (+460) in the AFC. That certainly seems like a fair assessment, but I also like looking for a bit of a dark horse. For me, that team could well be the Houston Texans (+760). If Joe Burrow can stay healthy this year, then the Bengals (+670) might be back in the conversation.


NFC Future Bets

NFL East Division Picks

This should once again be a fantastic battle in what is likely to be a 2-horse race. The Dallas Cowboys (+125) are in as the current favorite to win the East, but they have the Philadelphia Eagles (+135) sitting right on their shoulder. Behind those two, you have the Washington Commanders (+750) and the New York Giants (+1000). I don’t see any path for those two to win the division, but perhaps a Wild Card spot might be up for grabs. I am leaning towards the Eagles winning the East.


NFL North Division Picks

The North Division has been in a bit of a slump over the past few years, but it looks to be strong this season. The Detroit Lions (+149) are the early favorites, but they will have some stiff competition from the Green Bay Packers (+210) and Chicago Bears (+265), who will have #1 draft pick Caleb Williams under center for the coming season. The Minnesota Vikings (+1000) are in rebuild territory and unlikely to be a factor. This is a tough call, but I am leaning toward the Packers this season, although that might well change before all is said and done.


NFL West Division Picks

For me, this is the easiest pick of all the NFC divisions, as I think we have a very clear favorite. The San Francisco 49ers (-196) are the deserving favorite to win the West, with the LA Rams (+330) looking like their only potential threat here. Rounding out the West, we have the Seattle Seahawks (+700) and the Arizona Cardinals(+1300), neither of whom I think has a shot at getting close to the 49ers, who I believe will win the West in a canter.


NFL South Division Picks

From what appears to be a no-brainer in the West, we move to the South, which looks to be a little more difficult to predict. The Atlanta Falcons (-131) are the early favorites to win it, but they have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+300) and New Orleans Saints (+380) sitting pretty close to them at this point. The one team that we can almost certainly count out is the Carolina Panthers at odds of +1500. I’m not really sold on any of these teams just yet, but I am leaning towards Tampa Bay right now.



For me, this is something of an easy pick, as I have the San Francisco 49ers winning the Super Bowl this year. They are clear favorites to win the NFC at odds of +240. If I were looking to play a dark horse from the rest of the pack, I would probably go with the Philadelphia Eagles (+670) or maybe the Packers (+820). That said, unless some injury crisis hits, I think it will be the 49ers all the way.


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2024 Best Future Bets, April 10th Edition

The offseason in the National Football League is the best time to start looking and acting on the future bets. There are tons of future bets that are worth taking a look at.

The 2024/25 season is on the horizon, and with it comes a golden opportunity to score big with futures! Let’s uncover some of the most promising offseason NFL Bets that could turn you into a betting champion.

NFL: Targeting the Best Future Bets & Picks of the Offseason | MyBookie NFL Next Season Betting Preview on the Bets to Win the Season

2024 NFL Season | 105th season of the National Football League
Regular Season: September 5, 2024 – January 5, 2025
Playoffs Start Date: January 11, 2025
Super Bowl LIX: February 9, 2025 | Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

Baltimore Ravens +1000 to win the Super Bowl

The Baltimore Ravens were oh, so close a season ago. They went to the AFC title game, but could not get past the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, they have fallen to third in the odds to win it all next season. Lamar Jackson was the Most Valuable Player, and now he has added some running back help in Derrick Henry. Looking at the off-season moves, the Ravens are the team we want to target in this future bet at 10/1!

Baltimore Ravens Odds
SB Pick: Packers +1000 NFL Super Bowl Odds to Win
MyBookie Betting Props for the Season

Green Bay Packers +1900 to win the Super Bowl

If we are going to make a second Super Bowl pick, it will be Matt LaFluer and his Green Bay Packers. Jordan Love will be in his second season as the starting signal caller. His weapons get a year of help under their belt, and the Packers are locked and loaded for a big season. The Packers let Aaron Jones go, but added Josh Jacobs as their lead running back. This is going to be a team that should be at or near the top of the NFC North. Betting them at nearly 20/1 to win the Super Bowl in April could prove to be fruitful.

Green Bay Packers
SB Pick: Packers +1900 NFL Super Bowl Odds to Win
MyBookie Betting Props for the Season

Joe Burrow +1000 to win Most Valuable Player

The signal caller from the Cincinnati Bengals was poised for a monster season last year. But, he got hurt in the summer, and never could recover. It was a lost season for Cincinnati. But, Burrow will be coming back healthy and hungry. The Bengals got a taste of the Super Bowl a couple seasons ago, and there is no doubt they will be coming after it. The AFC is loaded, with Kansas City and Baltimore both popular picks to win it all. Burrow putting together a great season and winning the MVP is not something we would be shocked at.

Joe Burrow Odds
MVP Pick: Joe Burrow +1000 NFL Most Valuable Player Betting Odds
MyBookie Betting Props for the Season

Chicago Bears UNDER 8.5

There is a ton of hype for this team in April that does not have a Quarterback 1 on their roster. They traded Justin Fields, and are very likely to select Caleb Williams as their starting quarterback. Is the hype around Williams for real? We will find out real quick. Detroit and Green Bay are going to be the class of the NFC North. The Bears added Keenan Allen to the mix, but if Williams struggles in his rookie season, is that going to matter? The Bears are likely to finish under .500 again, therefore betting the UNDER on wins would be a wise wager to make.

Chicago Bears Odds
RSW Pick: UNDER 8.5 NFL Regular Season Wins Betting Odds

MyBookie Betting Props for the Season

San Francisco 49ers UNDER 11.5

A downfall is in the cards at some point for the San Francisco 49ers. We saw it a bit a season ago with the Philadelphia Eagles. The 49ers are going to get tested by the Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals, but will it be enough? The 49ers have Brock Purdy, but despite all the numbers he continues to put up, they keep winning games. When they have to get to 12 wins dangled in front, it seems like the logical choice to think somewhere along the way they will lose 6 regular season games. Betting the under would be the choice here.

San Francisco 49ers Odds
RSW Pick: UNDER 11.5 NFL Regular Season Wins Betting Odds

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MyBookie offers the betting odds to win the next Super Bowl

2024 NFL Calendar by Week

There you have it. We hope you enjoyed those five future bets and picks of the offseason. Enjoy the rest of the National Football League offseason!

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Best NFL Future Bets & Picks for the 2018 Season

Previous Betting News

While the Super Bowl is over, and the NFL season is in the books, the reality is that the business of football never really grinds to a complete halt. All over the country, GM’s and front office staff are probably busy preparing for the upcoming draft, while also making decisions about the players who will come and go during free agency. The coaching carousel appears to be almost fully stopped, but the QB wheel is still turning at a fast pace. Getting involved with some NFL future odds right now is perhaps not a good decision, at least until every team is done making moves, but that is not going to stop us making some predictions for you to start planning your betting strategy for the 2018 NFL season.

Best NFL Future Bets & Picks for the 2018 Season

2018 Season Information

Duration: September 6, 2018 – December 30, 2018
Playoffs: January 5, 2019 (Start Date)
Pro Bowl: January 27, 2019 (Camping World Stadium, Orlando)
Super Bowl 53: February 3, 2019 (Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta)

Making Some Predictions

The Dynasty is Over in New England

The cracks are beginning to show in the armor in New England, as a once tight group seems to be coming apart at the seams. You may not believe all the reports of dissension coming out of Foxboro, but when there is smoke, there is usually some fire.

Tom Brady will be 41 this coming season, and there is talk that Rob Gronkowski might consider hanging up the cleats. It’s the first time in recent memory that a cloud of uncertainty is hanging over Gillette Stadium, which I think signals the beginning of the end of a great dynasty.

The San Francisco 49ers are a Legitimate Dark Horse Pick

One of the things that appear to have created issues in New England was the trading of Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers. It looks to have been the steal of the century, as he took a less than mediocre team and instantly turned them into a winner.

The 49ers won the final 5 games of the season with Garoppolo under center, and with a few more additions this offseason, the 49ers could quickly become a playoff team. Watch out for this group, a potential division winner next season.

No Repeat Performance for the Eagles

There has been a lot of talk about the Eagles being at the beginning of a run that could lead to more than one Super Bowl over the next few years. It’s an idea that makes some real sense when you consider that they won it all this year with their backup QB under center. The thinking is that Philly will be even better when Carson Wentz returns next season, but everyone seems to be forgetting that they are going to lose some key parts in the offseason.

The Eagles are in a spot of bother when it comes to the salary cap and are going to need to offload some high-priced personnel, most likely in the linebacking group. Couple that with the fact that the NFC is ridiculously strong, and you get an idea of just how tough it will be for them to repeat, despite being favorites in several NFL Future Bets.

The Lombardi Trophy Stays in Pennsylvania

The clock is ticking on Ben Roethlisberger’s time in the league, and you also wonder how long the Steelers can afford to keep their huge offensive pieces together. Much of the blame for last season’s playoff failure was laid at the feet of OC Todd Hayley, who is now plying his trade in Cleveland.

If Hayley was indeed part of the problem, then surely, we can expect an upgrade from what we saw out of the Steelers offense last season. If that happens, look for Pittsburgh to add ring Lombardi Trophy #7 to the cabinet, so be sure to include them in your NFL Future Bets.

Last 10 Super Bowl Champs

Targeting The Best Future Bets & Picks Of The Offseason

Previous Betting News

The 2017 Super Bowl may now be a thing of the past, but as experienced football followers and betting aficionados know, an NFL season and its vast betting opportunities, are now a virtually year-round journeys that never end.

To that end, I’m going to point you towards some of the best NFL futures odds that you can wager on right now.

Targeting The Best Future Bets & Picks Of The NFL Offseason

Super Bowl 52 Odds

New England +500 Atlanta +800
Dallas +1000
Green Bay +1000
Pittsburgh +1000
Seattle +1200
Denver +1200

As you can see, oddsmakers clearly aren’t expecting a Super Bowl hangover and have installed Tom Brady and the Patriots as prohibitive favorites to win Super Bowl 52. Can the Pats go back-to-back or will they fall prey to one of the other top title contenders? For me, Seattle is offering the best value of the top title contenders.

AFC Championship

New England +240
Pittsburgh +550
Denver +800
Oakland +800

The Pats will contend, but I’m in love with the value that the Oakland Riders are offering heading into next season after their postseason plans got cut short due to Derek Carr’s late-season injury.

NFC Championship

Dallas +400
Green Bay +550
Atlanta +600
Seattle +600

I already said that I like the value that Seattle is offering heading into next season, but the fact of the matter is that the Seahawks aren’t lock to win the NFC in 2017 and will have some stiff competition, most likely in the form of the Dallas Cowboys.

Total Games Sean McVay Coaches Before Getting Fired in 2017-18

1-6 +800
7-12 +700
13-16 +600
Not Fired -175

The Rams got their man in the 30-year-old McVay and he won’t be fired – at least until he completes his first season, though I think he’s actually going to get a couple of seasons at the very least.

How Many Games Will Tom Brady Start in 2017-18?

16 Games -200
15 Games +200
14 Games +400
13 Games +600
12 Games or Lower +900

I like the ‘15’ pick, seeing as how Brady will likely sit out New England’s regular season finale.

Tom Brady TD Passes 2017-18

36 or More TD Passes +300
34-35 TD Passes +200
30-33 TD Passes EV
29-32 TD Passes +150
25-28 TD Passes +400
24 or less TD Passes +800

Brady didn’t reach the 30 TD plateau this past season, but he came very close – after missing four games to start the season. I like Brady to toss either 34 or 45 TD passes in 2017, but hey, that’s just me.

Tom Brady Interceptions 2017-18

10 or More Interceptions
7-9 Interceptions
6-4 Interceptions
0-5 Interceptions

Brady tossed two picks this season but I’m thinking he’ll toss half-dozen next season.

What Will Happen First for Johnny Manziel in 2017-18

Arrested +190
Start an NFL Game -270

I lose this fun-filled wager, even though I have no idea when Johnny Manziel will ever suit up for an NFL game again – if he ever does. Personally, I think the chance of Manziel getting arrested first is much higher than him starting an NFL game despite the odds here.

There are also value-packed odds up for the number of wins the Cleveland Browns will record next season and the total number of quarterbacks the Browns will use, among other fun-filled futures odds in the MyBookie.ag bettor-friendly sportsbook.



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