2019 Super Bowl Futures Point to Eagles and Patriots...Again

2019 Super Bowl Futures Point to Eagles and Patriots…Again

Written by on June 19, 2018

In the first week of August, the 2018 NFL Preseason begins. That means we’re on the precipice of another excellent NFL Regular Season. Some things have changed. For example, the league appears to have put the not standing for the flag controversy behind them.Some things haven’t changed at all, though. One of the things that hasn’t changed is that Super Bowl LIII is expected to be a repeat, at least in regards to the teams playing, of Super Bowl LII. This past February the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41 to 33. It was an upset, but it wasn’t a huge upset.Look what’s happened, so far, during the offseason? The betting dollars are going to both the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LIII.

Super Bowl 2019 Futures Point to Eagles vs Patriots…Again

The Patriots entered last season as a chalky +350 choice to win Super Bowl LII. New England had come off a Super Bowl LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons. If anything, New England was expected to be better last season than they were in the 2016 NFL Season.It didn’t pan out for the Patriots. But, based on the odds the Pats aren’t a lock to win Super Bowl 53. In fact, heading into training camps in July, the Eagles may have garnered more betting dollars than the Patriots.Here are the odds for both teams:
  • New England Patriots +400
  • Philadelphia Eagles +750
The Patriots were at +500 shortly after Super Bowl LII. Before they secured two Round 1 Draft Picks, the Patriots’ odds went from +500 up to +650. After acquiring the two draft picks, their odds went down to +500. After they drafted Georgia OT Isaiah Wynn and Georgia RB Sony Michel in Round 1, their odds fell to +400 on MyBookie.The Philadelphia Eagles’ odds were at +850. They have since moved down to +750 on MyBookie. Does that mean Philly offers overlay odds compared to New England? Probably not.Will the Eagles make it the 2019 Super bowl?The closest team to the Patriots in the AFC are the Pittsburgh Steelers at +800. The Eagles have competition in the NFC. The Green Bay Packers are at +750, just like Philadelphia while the L.A. Rams (yes, the Rams!) are at +900.In the NFC, the Eagles are slight favorites over the Green Bay Packers even though their odds are the same on MyBookie. We know this because in some Vegas sportsbooks Green Bay is at double-digit odds to win Super Bowl LIII. After training camps start in July, Green Bay could garner enough dollars in future books for their odds to head lower than Philadelphia’s.For now, the Eagles are favored over the Packers while the Patriots are clear favorites in the AFC. Based on current Super Bowl LIII odds on MyBookie, this season’s Super Bowl should end up Patriots versus Eagles again.Will it happen? We shall see!