NFL Betting Rumors & News 49ers Wants to Trade Jimmy G, Mayfield In Negotiations with 2 Teams

NFL Betting Rumors & News: 49ers Wants to Trade Jimmy G, Mayfield In Negotiations with 2 Teams

NFL teams are getting ready for what promises to be another competitive and highly entertaining season. Right now, drama reigns in San Francisco where the 49ers must deal with a disgruntled wide receiver and may have missed the boat on trading their 2021 starting quarterback. Check out the latest NFL news out there so you can continue planning your bets against the NFL Odds

NFL Rumors, Trades, Free Agents & Betting News May 24th Edition

2022-2023 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2022

Deebo Samuel won’t show up to OTAs

Samuel didn’t show up to OTAs. Instead, he’s been hanging in Dallas with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. No doubt, Big D would love to have Deebo play for them this season.

But the 49ers want to keep Samuel. San Francisco has made this mistake before, not trading a player when other teams are willing to part with top draft picks for the player. 

Read the next section for 49ers drama. When it comes to Samuel, yes, the Niners require his services to have any shot of beating the Los Angeles Rams, but if Deebo refuses to play for you, then trade him while interest is high. 

49ers still trying to trade Jimmy G.

So the 49ers decided to sit on Jimmy G. thinking their starting quarterback would demand Deshaun Watson like trade value.

So, now, SF can’t give Jimmy away for a bag of chips and a Classic Coke. At least, it feels that way. The problem?

Teams that may have shown interest in Garoppolo have decided to move in another direction. Also, Watson went to Cleveland, which freed up Baker Mayfield. 

For his part, Garoppolo says he’s not demanding a trade. Also, rumor has it head coach Kyle Shanahan may be leaning towards starting Garoppolo for one more season before handing the reigns over to Trevor Lance. 

Who knows? Maybe, this will work out for Jimmy G. and the 49ers. Then again, if Deebo decides to force a trade, if he doesn’t show up for training camp, San Francisco won’t field an effective offense no matter who is under center. 

2 teams left in Baker Mayfield trade talks

Two teams desperate for a legit NFL starting quarterback remain in talks for Baker Mayfield. The Seattle Seahawks don’t want to give up too much for Baker. 

But Mayfield is a massive step up from Seattle’s current signal-callers, Drew Lock, Geno Smith, and Jaco Eason. Also, Baker is a good fit. He’d find more success in the Emerald City playing for Pete Carrol than he did in Rock City playing for the Browns.

The other team that wishes to trade for Baker’s services are the Carolina Panthers. Sam Darnold is a failed experiment and rookie Matt Coral requires at least a season on the bench.

Baker would help the Panthers play competitively versus the Buccaneers and Saints. So although Corral is the future, Mayfield could be the present. 

NFL may still discipline Deshaun Watson

Nobody wants to mention this, but, maybe, Cleveland has decided to keep Baker. Sure, Mayfield wants to start, but just because you want something as an NFL player, it doesn’t mean you will get it. 

Why would the Browns want to keep Mayfield? Deshaun Watson’s legal issues haven’t ended. Watson signed with the Browns primarily because Cleveland guaranteed the entire contract.

Watson knows that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could hand down some sort of suspension. If that happens, Deshaun won’t play.

So, essentially, Cleveland handed a guaranteed contract to a player who could end up sitting out multiple games or, maybe, even an entire season. From that perspective, it makes sense why the Browns would want to keep Baker. 


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