Five NFL Betting Tips To Maximize Your Winnings for the Upcoming 2022-23 Season

Five NFL Betting Tips To Maximize Your Winnings for the Upcoming 2022-23 Season

The 2022-2023 National Football League Season will be here before we know it, which is why we had better start preparing for the United State’s most popular sports league. See below for 5 betting tips that will get you ready for the 2022 NFL Season. These NFL Betting tips are all about bankroll management and preparing to handicap games. Check it out.

5 Betting Tips That Will Get You Ready for the 2022 NFL Season

2022-2023 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

Create a specific NFL bankroll

The NFL can either be ultra-lucrative or destroy your overall betting bankroll. So what you will want to do before doing anything is to create an NFL specific betting bankroll.

You can do this by taking money from your main bankroll. Or you can start building your NFL only bankroll right now. Whatever profit you make from betting on baseball, NHL Playoffs, NBA postseason, whatever the case may be, you put those profits into a separate bankroll, one only for the NFL. 

Decide before August how much money you plan on betting on each NFL game

Decide on how much money you wish to play on every NFL game before the end of the preseason. The reason you want to do this before the end of preseason is so you can correctly identify the 3 to 4 games you wish to play in Week 1

So, for example, if you decide you want to bet $100 on each NFL game up to $500 a week, that’s 5 games. Nobody is a good enough football handicapper to hit 5 games on a consistent basis. 

But you don’t want to take the chance of losing your entire $500 on a single game. So either spread it around or decide not to bet as many games as you did the week before. 

Once you decide how much money you want to bet on each game, decide how much money you wish to wager against the spread

So, here’s the thing. We can get caught in a long, drawn out conversation with ourselves about which bet to make, over under the total or against the spread?

Forget debating with yourself. Decide how much you want to play against the spread on each NFL game. Again, none of us, nobody, is a good enough NFL handicapper to win 100% of the time. 

Most profit arrives because of excellent money management skills not because we pick winners. If you like the ATS odds on a team, and your money management rule says to bet $100, then bet $100 on the ATS and don’t worry about missing out on the total.  

Now decide how much you wish to bet on NFL over/under totals and NFL moneylines

Decide on how much you wish to bet on NFL over/under or NFL moneylines. The total could be something like $100 or it could be $50 on moneylines and $75 on ATS.

Or it could be $100 on the over/under. It’s up to you. You could even decide not to bet on totals. Oddsmakers have become adept at creating totals as close to reality as possible. NFL totals has become one of the hardest bets to hit.

Set up your 2022 NFL betting strategy

This is where your creative handicapping comes into play. Find ATS, total, and ML stats from the 2021-2022 NFL Season. 

Once you’re armed with the stats, consider the teams you know best. It could be the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, or Kansas City Chiefs.

Put the teams you know best onto the list. Try to find at least 4 teams. There’s no rule, but 4 is a nice even number. 

Then, go through the schedule for each one of your teams. Use the stats you’ve gathered to predict the optimal bet. 

We’ve predicted the optimal bet for the New Orleans Saints’ first four games.

The Saints should be a slight favorite over Atlanta. Since the game is in Georgia, New Orleans may not have to cover a massive spread. 

In Week 2, Tom Brady and Tampa Bay are in town. The prediction is that New Orleans is a slight underdog, which means backing the Saints on the moneyline could be the optimal bet.

The Panthers always play the Saints tough. If New Orleans heads to Carolina 2-0, the Saints figure to be overplayed against the spread. 

Minnesota will be a decent team, which means New Orleans should offer value as a slight favorite. Betting New Orleans to cover in the Superdome has yielded profit in the past. 

Go through this exercise with each of your teams. It doesn’t mean you must stick to the script. There’s no way your optimal NFL bet predictions will be one hundred percent correct. But this exercise will give you a good idea for the bets to look for each week in the NFL Regular Season.  


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