NFL 2021 AFC Playoffs Portrait Betting Analysis

NFL 2021 AFC Playoffs Portrait Betting Analysis

Every week it seems like a new team is atop the AFC Playoff standings. Before the season, everyone thought that the AFC was Kansas City’s to lose. After a slow start by the Chiefs, the Bills became everyone’s favorite in the AFC. After the luster wore off of the Bills, the Ravens and Bengals were popular picks. The Titans and the Patriots are among the favorites, and the Chiefs have turned things around and are starting to look good again. Let’s take a look at the AFC playoff picture after most of the games have been played in Week 11 so you can continue making your bets against the NFL AFC Divisional Odds.

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1. Tennessee Titans

Even after losing to the lowly Houston Texans, the Titans still hold the top seed in the AFC. We’ll see if they can continue to hold this spot while they’re dealing with the injuries to Derrick Henry, AJ Brown, and numerous other key players.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Sitting at the top of the AFC North, the Ravens hold the second seed in the AFC playoffs. The Ravens’ offense has been very inconsistent this season, but Baltimore has a shot at winning the game when Lamar Jackson is healthy.

3. New England Patriots

Don’t look now, but the Patriots are back in first place in the AFC East. Mac Jones has been tremendous, and New England seems to have turned the corner. If they continue down this path, teams won’t want to see them come playoff time.

4. Kansas City Chiefs

Just when many thought that the Chiefs might not make the playoffs, they have kicked it into gear. The defense seems to have made some corrections, which has been a huge key to their resurgence. If the Chiefs’ offense continues to play well, no one will want to meet up with the Chiefs in January.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

After coming off of a tough loss to the Chargers on Sunday night, the Steelers are 5-3-1 and are sitting in the top wild card slot in the AFC. Pittsburgh has been dealing with numerous injuries, especially to their defense. The AFC North is still up for grabs so that we could see a lot of movement among the playoff teams throughout the season.

6. Cincinnati Bengals

Speaking of the AFC North, the third-place Bengals are also a wild card team as of now. The Bengals have looked good at times but also have a loss to the Jets. We’ll see if they can hang on to a playoff spot.

7. Buffalo Bills

The 6-4 Buffalo Bills are a mystery to many. At times they look like the best team in the NFL, while at others, they look like a team playing for a high draft pick. The Buffalo defense was awful during Sunday’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts. We’ll see if they can rebound and try to climb up the AFC playoff standings.

On the Outside Looking In…

The Los Angeles Chargers currently hold the #8 spot, while the charging Indianapolis Colts hold the #9 position. Justin Herbert and the Charger offense could pose a lot of problems for numerous teams ahead of them. As for the Colts, Jonathan Taylor and the Colts offense is starting to get into a groove. They have one of the best offensive lines in the league, and if teams can’t stop the run, the Colts could make a long playoff run.


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