NFL Betting Analysis: What You Need to Know about the Rule Changes for the 2024 Season

NFL Betting Analysis: What You Need to Know about the Rule Changes for the 2024 Season

When we start to think about the upcoming NFL season, we tend to think about the individual rosters and the schedule, which was recently released.

This will help us determine how the season might play out, and who might or might not go to the playoffs.


My Analysis

Something else to consider, though, are the rule changes that will be coming into play for the 2024 season. There are several changes across the board, but we are going to focus on a few that might well have an impact on how things play out on the field. This includes how players can tackle, to how coaches can challenge, so essentially rules that could determine game outcomes. Let’s look at the biggest NFL rule changes for the coming season.


New Reviewable Plays

With every new rule, there is going to be a certain among of divisiveness among the fans. Purists of the game already think that there are too many video reviews, so that are not going to be pleased that certain other players will be able to go to review in the coming season. Specifically, reviews can check whether a QB is down or out of bounds. Video reviews can now determine whether or not the ball was snapped before the play clock ran out.



An Extra Challenge

In previous years, coaches needed a pair of successful challenges in order to obtain a third challenge in a single game. The Detroit Lions put forward a change to this rule, which has now been successfully adopted by the league. What will happen moving forward is that teams will get a third challenge following one successful challenge, which will allow some margin of error for coaches. Again, the feeling among many is that all of this will slow down the game.


Kick-Off Change

Fair catches are now essentially a thing of the past with the new changes to the kick-off rules. Punters will kick the ball from their own 35-yard line, with 2 possible returners now on the field. There are more details about how each team will line up during the kick, but the big thing here is that the kicking team cannot move until the ball is fielded on drops into the landing zone. This is one of the more exciting changes, as it may well help bring back the big returns that we all missed over the last few years.


Hip-Drop Tackle Ban

Of all the changes coming this season, this is the one that is arguably the most disliked among the players, most notably those on the defensive side of the football. This type of tackle is where the defensive player grabs an opponent with both hands before swiveling their hips and dropping the player, which could potentially result in the runner’s legs becoming trapped. While the rule is designed to protect players from knee and lower leg injuries, defensive guys are suggesting that it is only a matter of time before flag or touch football becomes the norm. That may be hyperbole, but defensive players are going to once again need to change how they go about tackling the opposition.

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