NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News Brady and Giselle Might Divorce, Rhule Fired

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Brady and Giselle Might Divorce, Rhule Fired

All is not well with Tom Brady and Giselle, the axe dropped on an NFL coach, the Giants are for real and Green Bay is so not. Check it all out in our latest NFL Betting rumors blog. Keep reading for the scoop!

The Rumor Mill Never Slows Down | NFL Betting News – Oct. 10th Edition

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

Terrific Tom and Giselle are likely to divorce this year

It’s a matter of time before Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen call it quits. Both have already ditched their wedding rings and then on Sunday night, the Terrific One went fishing with his son.

Rumors have swirled for weeks about Tom’s and Giselle’s issues. Who knows where the problem is, but it’s apparent there’s a problem. 

Divorces are the norm for sports figures and this is Brady’s second marriage. So it shouldn’t surprise anybody. Still, it will be sad if the Buccaneers make the Super Bowl and Giselle doesn’t attend. The pair appear made for each other. So let’s hope Giselle and Tom can work it out. 

After another awful loss, Panthers sack Matt Rhule

Like almost every NFL fan and analyst had predicted, the Carolina Panthers are no longer employing Matt Rhule. The former college coach has made mistake after mistake.

The biggest was throwing in with Sam Darnold last season. This offseason, Rhule convinced Carolina’s owners to make a move for Baker Mayfield.

Acquiring Baker hasn’t worked out, either. The problem, and the Panthers finally realized this, is that although the roster has talent, Rhule and his staff can’t put it all together.

Beating the Saints every season is nice, but New Orleans isn’t close to what they were when Drew Brees was under center. So the victory over the Saints in week 2 wasn’t enough for Rhule to keep his job. 

The Giants, Cowboy, and Eagles are for real

New York met Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in London on Sunday a +8.5 underdog. The Giants fell behind but rallied for an incredible victory.

When a team wins the way the Giants did, it’s a sign they’re a solid club. We expect New York to continue to play well.

We should also expect the Eagles to continue to play great. Philadelphia is the NFL’s lone remaining undefeated team. The Eagles beat the Arizona Cardinals 20-17.

Philly can beat you in a lot of ways. The Eagles can dominate you on the scoreboard, or, like what they showed versus the Cardinals, they can beat you in a defensive struggle. 

Like their NFC East rivals, the Cowboys have proven they’re one of the top teams in the league. Dallas beat the Rams 22-10 in Los Angeles. Since losing to Tampa in the first week, Dallas has won 4 straight.

There’s also something wrong with the L.A. Rams

The Rams played an awful game against the Dallas Cowboys. Coach Sean McVeigh said the issue is that Matthew Stafford needs help.

He does. Staff needs an offensive line that plays the way the Rams’ line played last season. That won’t be easy because the anchor of last season’s O-line, Andrew Whitworth, has retired.

Things are not so rosy in Los Angeles these days. They won’t be until the Rams shore up the offensive line. 


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