2022 Cleveland Browns Betting Tips for the Upcoming NFL Season

2022 Cleveland Browns Betting Tips for the Upcoming NFL Season

With the start of NFL training camps now getting closer and closer, we are at the stage of the year when we usually have a pretty good handle on how teams will line up heading into the new season. There are, as always, going to be guys who break through in training camp to earn a surprise spot, as well as injuries that will have an impact on how teams look once Week 1 arrives. There are, though, a couple of teams who are a little tougher to predict, mostly because there are still moves to be made or off-field issues to be addressed. The Cleveland Browns fall into that latter category, as it is increasingly looking as though DeShaun Watson is about to be hit with a lengthy suspension. That, coupled with Baker Mayfield stating he will not play for them again, creates a real quandary at the QB slot and makes their season tough to predict. Let’s see, though, if we can come up with something so you can plan your bets against the Browns’ NFL Betting Lines.

Cleveland Browns 2022 Season NFL Betting Guide

Browns Win Total

There were a lot of pundits high on the Browns heading into last season, but it proved to be false hope, as Cleveland struggled to an 8-9 record, which left them on the outside looking in at the playoffs. If you look at the board, the Browns are conspicuously absent in regards the win total, as the bookies seem to be waiting to see how the DeShaun Watson situation plays out. It stands to reason that their total will be higher with Watson starting than it will be if Jacoby Brissett is handed the reins.

The Browns schedule is manageable in the early going, so they might be able to make way through the opening few weeks, but things get a good deal tougher as the season progresses. With Watson, they might be able to beat their win total from last season, but without him, things might be about to get even worse.

AFC North Odds

The Browns are the 3rd favorite on a 4-team division with odds of +230 to win the North. That might well change based on the Watson decision, but I don’t really think the outcome will change too dramatically. The harsh reality is that the Ravens and Bengals look to be the class of this division, with the jury still out on the Steelers as they go through a transition period. Even the most diehard Browns fans are likely to be steering clear of picking their team to win the AFC North.

Regular Season and Beyond

With winning the division looking like a longshot for the Cleveland Browns, their way into the playoffs would most likely be through the Wild Card. Looking at the rest of the AFC, you would think that they would need to pick up 10 or 11 wins to be in that conversation. Again, that number looks to me to be a longshot, as I just don’t see them doing enough to be in the Wild Card picture. I think the Browns are looking at a season very similar to what they delivered in 2021, but I might be willing to revisit that if the NFL somehow decides that Watson can play this season, which seems unlikely at this point.


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