Five NFL Betting Tips That Will Help You Wager On the Upcoming 2022 Season

Five NFL Betting Tips That Will Help You Wager On the Upcoming 2022 Season

The National Football League kicks off on Sep. 8, which means pro football time is just around the corner. Teams are working to ready for a run to the Super Bowl. NFL handicappers like us should be working to put ourselves in a position for profit, meaning that before we can make successful bets, we must prepare. Check out five NFL Betting tips that will ready us for the upcoming NFL Season. 

5 Betting Tips That Will Get You Ready for the NFL Season

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

If you haven’t created a bankroll, do so ASAP

Don’t start betting on sports unless you have a bankroll. You’re bankroll doesn’t have to include thousands of dollars. Starting out with a $200 bankroll makes sense if you’re per betting unit is $10. 

Depending on your sports betting level and how you view the NFL, you should consider creating a bankroll only for NFL betting.  

Decide what type of NFL handicapper you are

What kind of NFL handicapper do you wish to be? Do you want to concentrate on against the spread bets? Over-under bets? A specific NFL franchise?

Yes, you can do all three. But you raise your level of success by concentrating on one. The very best NFL handicappers often choose a specific team and become an expert regarding the team.

So a Denver Broncos expert will back the Broncos to cover in one game and decide to go against the Broncos in another. Experts regarding a single team can often cut losses.

Nobody has the time, or the brain capacity, to know everything they must know about every team in every game. Decide what type of NFL handicapper you wish to be and get very good at either making a type of bet, game totals, ATS, or moneyline, or become a specific NFL team expert. 

Consider you’re risk level and make sure you’re risk level is based in reality

There are risk levels and then there are risk levels. Don’t consider your risk level high because you feel good when you make bets. You feel good because endorphins are flowing to your brain.

Feeling good while making bets is okay if you don’t go overboard and bet away the rent money. Sit down and have a real think about it. How much money can you lose without causing harm to yourself or others?

Sports Betting should be either to make money or for fun. If you’re a casual, fun bettor, no problem. Create a risk level for entertainment purposes. If you wish to profit from your sports betting, that’s no issue either. 

But understand that profiting from betting on sports requires more risk and you must be serious. You can’t be flippant about the NFL bets you make. 

Never forget that sometimes, not losing money is more important than being right

Most of us are skilled handicappers, meaning we take pride in finding winning NFL bets. But, sometimes, we are wrong about our opinions.

So we should never become attached to an NFL team, betting trend, or NFL stat. It would be easy for any sports bettor to all in love with a trend like the Bengals are 14-3 ATS when Cincinnati plays Baltimore at home.

The trend, which isn’t true, implies Cincinnati is close to unbeatable ATS versus the Ravens when the two teams throw down on Cincy’s field

But the Ravens could cover against the spread and the trend would still be fantastic. Cincinnati would be 14-4 ATS when playing at home versus Baltimore even though you lost your bet on Cincinnati.  

Trends remain essential when you handicap NFL games, but no trend is infallible, which is why you should never become attached to a trend, or a stat, or anything.

Always have a positive attitude 

Attitude is everything. This is especially true when it comes to something that involves money like betting on NFL games. 

Make sure to always have a positive attitude. Understand that you’re going to suffer a bad beat once in a while. Don’t chase. Don’t worry. 

Smile and move on. Unless the bad beat happens in the Super Bowl, there’s another NFL bet around the corner.


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