Kansas City Chiefs 2020 NFL Postseason Betting Prediction

Kansas City Chiefs 2020 NFL Postseason Betting Prediction

Written by on January 2, 2020

The Kansas City Chiefs finished their season strong. KC won their final 6 games. That not only propelled them to the playoffs but it also gave them the second-seed. Kansas City gets Wild Card Weekend off. Will that help the Chiefs in their quest to upset the Baltimore Ravens and win the AFC? What are Kansas City’s fair chances to win the Super Bowl? See below for a postseason betting analysis of the Kansas City Chiefs!

Kansas City Chiefs 2020 NFL Postseason Betting Prediction

Kansas City Chiefs Odds

Kansas City Chiefs Team Analysis

Everything starts with quarterback Patrick Mahomes. But the real reason for Kansas City’s late-season success has a lot to do with the unit Mahomes doesn’t play on. Before getting to that, let’s talk Mahomes and the offense.

The 2018 NFL MVP had an okay season. He didn’t dominate the way he did in his first as a starter. One reason was because he missed time with injury. Another reason? Coach Andy Reid used a more balanced attack in the red zone. Mahomes threw for 4,031 yards. He only threw 26 TD passes. He rushed 43 times for 218 yards, though. So, the dual-threat capabilities remain.

Although Mahomes and the offense is the top reason Kansas City can win the AFC and Super Bowl, the team might not have gotten the 2-seed without the defense. Kansas City’s defense dominated in those final 6 weeks. One team, the Chargers, scored 21 points. That happened in Week 17.

KC held 5-of-6 other opponents to 17 points or less: the Bolts scored 17 in Week 11, the Raiders 9 in Week 13, the Patriots 16 in Week 14, Denver 3 in Week 15, and the Bears 3 in Week 16. If the defense steps it up in the playoffs, KC has a shot to upset the Baltimore Ravens.

Are +200 fair odds on the Chiefs to win the AFC?

When it comes to fair odds, though, +200 make Kansas City an underlay. Although the defense and offense have clicked in the final part of the season, Andy Reid has a spotty postseason record. Reid hasn’t won a ton of playoff games.

Not only that but outside of the Patriots, the other teams the Chiefs beat in their final 6 games are offensively challenged. The Chargers averaged 21.1 points per. The Bears were good for 17.5. The former Oakland Raiders scored 19.6 per and the Broncos averaged 17.6.

What happens when the Chiefs face the top offensive teams in the conference? Will they fold? Expect better odds than +200 before biting.

Are +425 fair odds on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl?

Just because odds to win the conference aren’t fair, it doesn’t mean odds to win the Super Bowl aren’t fair. In this case, it does. Andy Reid coached the Philadelphia Eagles to the 2004 Super Bowl. They lost.

Reid’s 2-5 playoff record at Kansas City means the Chiefs are a bad wager to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy at anything less than +500. Even then, we must remain skeptics. So, don’t back the Chiefs to upset the Ravens in the AFC Playoffs or to win the Super Bowl at their current odds. That is unless you’re a true believer.


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