2022 NFL Miami Dolphins Games to Must Bet On From Week 1 to Week 4

2022 NFL Miami Dolphins Games to Must Bet On From Week 1 to Week 4

Let’s be perfectly honest, there is no such thing as a pressure free season in the NFL. Even teams that are not expected to compete still go into the season with a certain level of pressure. You have coaches and players alike looking to save their job, which means trying to find a way to rise above even the lowest of expectations. Mike McDaniel is taking over as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins this season, and with the moves that have been made in the offseason, the expectation is that he leads this team to the postseason, which is somewhere they have not been for the past 5 seasons. 2 head coaches have come and gone in that time, but will things change this season? That remains to be seen, but what we can do for now is take a look at the important games that the Dolphins have on their schedule this coming season. Let’s get right to it so you can get ready to bet against their NFL Lines.

Must Bet Games of the Miami Dolphins’ 2022-23 Season | NFL Betting Picks

Week 1 Vs New England Patriots

I think we are all anxious to see what Tyreek Hill does in a Dolphins uniform, so we are all likely to be paying attention to this Week 1 matchup. It also helps that we are getting a divisional matchup in the opening week of the season, with the winner of this one getting a leg up in what is likely to be a race for a Wild Card spot given that the Buffalo Bills are heavily favored to win the East. You never get too high or low on a team after one game, but this is going to be a huge one for Miami.

Week 2 at Baltimore Ravens

If anything, you could say that after all the moves made in the offseason, the AFC is that much stronger in 2022. The Baltimore Ravens are one of the favorites to conquer the conference and make a run at the Super Bowl. Heading out on the road to face a tough Baltimore team will give the Dolphins fans an idea of what they can expect from their team the rest of the way. Even a close defeat here would likely be seen as a decent sign.

Week 3 Vs Buffalo Bills

As you can see, many of the big games on the Dolphins schedule are coming in the early part of the season. This could potentially be a good thing if Miami is competitive and picking up wins, but it could also quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare if the losses start piling up early. This is another game that is certainly not easy, but if the Dolphins want to snap their streak of missing the playoffs, they are going to need to win some of these tougher games.

Week 4 at Cincinnati Bengals

While Miami has some tougher games, most notably against the 49ers and Packers, coming later in the season, I have decided to focus on the opening 4 games of the season. Week 4 is another road trip for the Dolphins, as they will hit the road to take on a team that made it all the way to the Super Bowl last year and look like a team very much on the rise. I’m looking at these 4 games as the ones to watch, as they will potentially define Miami’s season.


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