NFL Playoffs Betting Tips: How to Handicap Divisional Round Matches

NFL Playoffs Betting Tips: How to Handicap Divisional Round Matches

A lot of money is wagered on NFL playoff games every year. When thinking of placing 

a wager on a playoff game, there are numerous things that you may want to consider. How a team plays, where the game is at, the weather, promos, whether or not to put games in parlays, are just a few things to consider when you’re contemplating on whether or not to place a wager. Some people have no rhyme or reason, they just bet, while others look at all of the available data, and they put a lot of research into each of their selections. 

Now that we’re to the divisional round and we’re down to the four best teams in each conference, things get a little more difficult. Here are a few things that may come in helpful when placing your wagers against the NFL Playoffs odds. Hopefully, this advice will help you to earn a lot of cash.

Best Football Handicapping Techniques for the 2021-22 Divisional Round Games

1. Break Down the Matchups

Take for instance the San Francisco vs. Green Bay matchup. The San Francisco 49ers are the worst matchup for Aaron Rodgers and company. First off, the Niners are great at running the ball. Green Bay’s defensive front has not been good at stopping the run. On the other side of the ball, the Niners’ defense is built to give a team like the Packers issues. They have a great pass rush and a defensive secondary that doesn’t take a lot of risks and sticks to their coverages. They also have a very good set of linebackers that can either go into coverage or stop the run. Take this sorta thing into consideration when you’re making your wagers.

2. Look at Making Some Money on Prop Bets.

If you do your research, you can see what a certain player has done in every game of the season. When you look at their yardage props, use the research you have done and then make your decision. For example, a site had three different yardage numbers and their odds. If you picked the smallest number, you had the least chance of making money. 

When we did our research we found that the player averaged around the middle number and we went with that. He eclipsed that mark, and money was made! 

3. Be a Bargain Shopper.

When making your bets, be sure to look at lots of different sites before placing a wager. While most sites have the same lines, you never know when that half of a point or a point could make a huge difference between winning or losing a bet.

4. Parlays!

Everyone loves a good parlay! If you’re very confident in three or four outcomes, group them together and make a whole lot of money. You have to be fairly sure because if one of them doesn’t hit, you could be out of luck!

5. Promos!

Each site wants your business, so they will try to bring you in with a great deal. Throughout the playoffs, many betting services offer promotional deals, odds boosts, new sign-up deals, etc. Do your due diligence and look around at different sites, and see which deals give you the best shot at making the most money. 


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