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2022 NFL Betting Prediction On Whether or Not Will the Houston Texans Improve

It wasn’t so very long ago that the Houston Texans were considered one of the best teams in the AFC, winning their division 4 times in a 5-year stretch. That run ended in 2020, when they managed just 4 wins, a number that they matched last season. They are now very much in a full rebuild and there is not a lot of belief that they will be able to deliver much better than they have over those past 2 seasons. The bookies certainly don’t seem to think that there is an immediate improvement coming, as they have the win total for the 2022 season set at 4 ½. If you are looking at wagering on the win totals this season and are considering putting some money on the Texans, let’s take a minute to see if you should go with the over or under. Will we see an improvement or more of the same? Let’s break it all down so you can plan your bets against their NFL Odds.

What are the NFL Odds? Will the Houston Texans Record Improve in 2022?

Texans Win Total and 2022 Schedule

When you look at the upcoming regular season schedule for the Houston Texans, you have a hard time picking out games that they might win. They get the season started at home against the Indianapolis Colts, which seems like a loss. That’s followed with a tough road trip to Denver, before closing out September with a trip to Chicago, which is a game where you might give them a chance.

Things get tougher still in October, starting with a home game against the LA Chargers. That is followed by a road game in Jacksonville followed by a trip to Las Vegas. They close out the month at home to the Titans, so we are potentially looking at a 1-win month at best.

November starts at home to the Philadelphia Eagles, followed by a trip to the Big Apple to take on the New York Giants. A home game against the Commanders looks like a possible win, but the month comes to a close with a road trip to Miami. Again, 1 win looks to be the most likely outcome.

The final stretch of the regular season is unlikely to deliver much joy, starting with a home game against the Browns, which will be the game where DeShaun Watson comes back after suspension. That is followed by road games against the Cowboys and the Titans, with a home date against the Chiefs wedged in the middle of those games.

They head into the New Year with a home tilt against the Jacksonville Jaguars and a road trip to Indianapolis, who could well be looking at the playoffs at this point.

Will the Texans Improve?

Like we said earlier in this piece, there are not a whole lot of games that look winnable for the Texans. Sure, they might be able to spring a surprise or two, but that could be nullified by them losing games we might otherwise expect them to win. I think we are looking at a team that is destined to repeat what they have done over the last 2 seasons, which means 4 wins and the under. In short, I don’t expect the Houston Texans to improve in 2022.


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