Prop On Where Will Colin Kaepernick Play in Week 1

Prop On Where Will Colin Kaepernick Play in Week 1

Written by on August 18, 2017

It’s the story that won’t go away: Colin Kaepernick is more talented than most backup quarterbacks in the NFL but still hasn’t signed with a team because club owners don’t want to anger their fan base and advertisers. Of course, Kaepernick alienated many Americans by not standing for the national anthem last season. offers an NFL betting special on which team Kaepernick will be by Week 1. If he’s not on any, the bet is void. Here are the options.

Analyzing the Prop On Where Will Colin Kaepernick Play in Week 1

Cleveland Browns +200

Check out our preview of Cleveland’s preseason game Monday night against the New York Giants. Kaepernick just doesn’t fit here as the Browns have three quarterbacks in Brock Osweiler, DeShone Kizer and Cody Kessler. They have no need for Colin Kaepernick barring two of those guys getting hurt over the next couple of weeks. Plus the Browns are rebuilding so Kap doesn’t fit.

Indianapolis Colts +300

Now this is interesting. Of course, the Colts have one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL in Andrew Luck, but he has been slow recovering from offseason shoulder surgery and Week 1 of the regular season is in jeopardy. Luck could start on the PUP list, missing six games. Would the Colts really go with Scott Tolzien over Kaepernick?

Owner Jim Irsay recently stated that the team has not considered bringing in Kaepernick: “We did have a [quarterback] candidate or two,” Irsay said of adding a veteran. “I think that we came semi-close to bringing in a mid-30, mid-to-late 30 guy. We had a [salary] number. The guy wanted more than the number. It wasn’t Kaepernick. It just didn’t work out so we moved on.”

Kaepernick doesn’t fit the type of quarterback that the Colts are looking to run their offensive system. The 29-year-old has operated more in the style of using his feet to create plays rather than be a prototypical pocket quarterback like Luck.

Seattle Seahawks +300

This won’t be happening barring an injury as the Seahawks already looked into Colin Kaepernick earlier this month and passed. Seattle has Russell Wilson as its starter and here’s what Coach Pete Carroll said of not singing Kap: “He’s a starter in this league. We have a starter, but he is a starter in this league and I can’t imagine somebody won’t give him a chance to play.”

Carroll declined to comment on whether Kaepernick’s contract demands were too much for the team but said he’s “capable of being a championship guy” and despite his ups and downs, he’s “shown enough ups that you know he can do that.”

This won’t be happening barring an injury as the Seahawks already looked into Colin Kaepernick earlier this month and passed.

LA Rams +400

This doesn’t seem like a fit. The Rams are all-in on second-year quarterback Jared Goff, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 draft. They are happy with Sean Mannion as their backup.

New Orleans Saints +500

There was talk this spring that New Orleans coach Sean Payton was interested in Johnny Manziel, but that was proven false. Drew Brees has been incredibly durable for the Saints so there’s no need to sign Kaepernick.

Buffalo Bills +500

This could be an option if starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor goes down injured. Taylor and Colin Kaepernick have similar styles. Otherwise, nope.

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Houston Texans +600

No shot here. Houston has a quarterback battle ongoing between rookie Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage. The Texans are committed to Watson long-term so Kaepernick won’t sign here.

New York Jets +700

The Jets’ QB situation is sad and Colin Kaepernick is better than likely starter Josh McCown or backups Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty. But New York isn’t even trying to win this season, so signing Kaepernick and his distraction makes no sense.

Any Other Team +300

For what it’s worth, tied-in NFL reporter Peter King of the and NBC Football Night in America says he thinks Kaepernick will have a job by the time the season starts. Regardless of whether it’s because of his football skills or his political leanings, the end result is the same: He’s a guy who started 11 games last year and is just three years from almost winning the Super Bowl.

NFL players have been calling it collusion for months. While Kaepernick has remained silent on the subject, players have all come out and said they believe Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed.

Expert Prediction

I’d go with any other team. The Ravens looked into Kaepernick and could again if Joe Flacco’s health doesn’t return. Pittsburgh could use a better backup than Landry Jones. Dallas owner Jerry Jones isn’t afraid of controversy. There are a few other possibilities.
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