Seattle Seahawks 2018 NFL Betting Guide.

Seattle Seahawks 2018 NFL Betting Guide

Written by on July 5, 2018

The NFC West was the possession of the Seattle Seahawks for most of the Russell Wilson era, but there has since been a bit of a seismic shift that might see this group drop off this season. The LA Rams are a legitimate force, while the San Francisco 49ers are generating a lot of buzz ahead of the new season. Many of the stars who made the Seahawks great, most notably the members of the Legion of Boom, have either been shipped out or are contemplating retirement. This team is going to look very different from what we have been used to, but can they still be a power in the NFC? Let’s take a look at some of the bigger match-ups the Seahawks will have this coming season.

Seattle Seahawks 2018 NFL Betting Guide

Seattle Seahawks Key Players

  • QB Russell Wilson
  • WR Doug Baldwin
  • WR Brandon Marshall
  • LB Bobby Wagner
  • S Earl Thomas
  • CB Shaquill Griffin

2018 Top Games

Week 3 vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Seahawks have a tough start to the season with a trip to Denver but follow that up with a winnable game against the Bears. Week 3 is where things really start to get tough, with the Dallas Cowboys coming to town. It was a down year for Dallas last season, but you have to feel that they are going to be a whole lot better this season. Seattle’s new-look defense is going to be put to the test in a big way in this one, and if they can pass with flying colors, it may well change the shape of the season for the Seahawks. Alternatively, a big loss here could spell trouble.

Week 5 vs. LA Rams

The Rams are the favorites to win the NFC West this season, and it’s easy to understand why. They were great last year and have dipped into free agency to make themselves potentially stronger. This will be the first of two meetings between these teams in 2018, and it’s the one where both will want to set the tone for the division. The Seahawks have traditionally been very tough to beat in their own building and will view this game as an opportunity to prove to the Rams that winning this division is not going to be a cakewalk.

Week 11 vs. Green Bay Packers

If you are going to win the conference, you need to be able to beat the best that it has to offer. The Green Bay Packers are almost certainly going to be in the mix, assuming of course that they can stay healthy, which is something that has been an issue for them over the past two seasons. Seattle is one of the NFL Betting favorites to win the NFC. You look at the schedule for the Seahawks for this coming season and you see that the vast majority of their bigger games are being played at home. This represents a real opportunity for them to snag big wins and stay in the playoff hunt throughout.

Week 15 at San Francisco 49ers

These two division rivals will hook up twice this coming season, but they will not meet until Week 13. If the 49ers are going to be the team that we think they will, there is a chance that they are going to be fighting for a Wild Card spot at this stage of the season. The same may well be true of the Seahawks, which could make these two games at the tail end of the season vitally important. This one could prove to be huge in the grand scheme of things.

Rest of the Schedule

  • Denver Broncos (Week 1)
  • Chicago Bears (Week 2)
  • Arizona Cardinals (Week 4)
  • Oakland Raiders (Week 6)
  • Bye (Week 7)
  • Detroit Lions (Week 8)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (Week 9)
  • Los Angeles Rams (Week 10)
  • Carolina Panthers (Week 12)
  • San Francisco 49ers (Week 13)
  • Minnesota Vikings (Week 14)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (Week 16)
  • Arizona Cardinals (Week 17)