Top eSports Weekend Betting Picks July 6 and July 7

Written by on July 5, 2018

The weekend is just about here. It’s time for us to take a look at a few great eSports betting matches in League of Legends and one intriguing StarCraft 2 match. The League of Legends event is the NAxEu in Los Angeles from July 5 through July 7 while the StarCraft 2 match takes place in the 2018 StarCraft 2 League.

Top eSports Weekend Betting Picks July 6 and July 7

League of Legends Rift Rivals NAxEU

100 Thieves +168 vs FNatic -213

A top squad from the North American League battles a top team from the European League. 100 Thieves lost to Clutch Gaming about 2 weeks ago. FNatic lost 0:1 two months ago to both Team Liquid, one of the highest ranked North American League of Legends squad, and Indonesian eSports squad EVOS. FNatic’s losses are more impressive because Clutch Gaming is 3 and 3 in the North American League. FNatic has an earlier match versus Team Liquid. They can get their feet wet before taking down 100 Thieves. That must be the thought process. I’m going the other way. The odds on 100 Thieves are too overlaid to pass up. eSports Betting Pick: 100 Thieves

Team Liquid -113 vs G2 eSports -117

79% of GoSuGamers believes that G2 eSports beats Team Liquid on Friday. It’s difficult to go against such a huge percentage. When these two faced each other at the DreamHack Open 2017, G2 eSports beat Team Liquid 1 to 0. That was in CS:Go. This is League of Legends. Team Liquid is good enough to upset one of the better European League Teams. But, here’s the thing, G2 eSports might be the best squad in the European League of Legends League. The odds aren’t high enough on Team Liquid to garner a wager. eSports Betting Pick: G2 eSports

100 Thieves -116 vs Splyce -104

100 Thieves vs Splyce should be one of the most competitive matches of the day. Because Splyce offers slightly better odds, they’re the team to back. Sure, 100 Thieves can beat them. But, the differences between the two squads are slight enough for bettors to back Splyce. eSports Betting Pick: Splyce

Global StarCraft 2 League

Which teams are a safe bet in eSports this weekend?

Saturday, July 7

Leenock +229 vs Dear -304 Dear doesn’t have a team. He played well at the 2017 StarCraft 2 StarLeague Season 2 Premier, finishing 4th. Leenock does have more individual achievements than Dear. The odds suggest that Dear is an easy winner. That probably won’t be the case. Leenock’s experience could help him take down Dear although he’s never beaten Dear. Dear might just be the lock winner of this matchup that the odds imply. eSports Betting Pick: Dear Don’t forget to check back on Friday and Saturday for more eSports gaming odds. Also, we’re only 6 days to the first Overwatch League Season Playoffs. That’s one of the biggest eSports tournaments of the year.
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