NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions Matchups That Every Fan Is Dreaming About

NFL Super Bowl 57 Betting Predictions: Matchups That Every Fan Is Dreaming About

The start of the 2022 NFL season is upon us, and while there are a lot of games to be played before we seriously start talking about the playoffs, the fact is that we all have opinions on who will win it all. It’s also true that fans also have an idea of the matchup that they’d like to see in the upcoming Super Bowl 57. Those opinions don’t always go hand in hand with what the bookies believe, but when it comes to dream matchups, things like Super Bowl Odds go right out the window rather quickly. There are many different scenarios that look at some dream matchups for Super Bowl 57.

Possible Super Bowl Matchups Worth Dreaming About | NFL Betting Analysis

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Green Bay Packers

Since both of these teams are up among the favorites to win it all, the chances of them meeting in the Super Bowl are actually quite good. What is it about this matchup that makes it so appealing? The most obvious answer is that Mahomes and Rodgers have yet to go head-to-head. Yes, these teams have net recently, but Rodgers was unable to play in any of those games. It sure would be fun to see 2 great QB’s square off at last. Let’s not forget that these were the 2 teams that played for the very first Super Bowl.

New England Patriots Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This one seems a little more unlikely, but we can still dream. All signs certainly point to this being the final season for Tom Brady, and what better way for him to go out than to face the coach with whom he had the majority of his success with as a pro? While it might not ever answer the question of whether Brady or Belichick was more responsible for the Patriots dynasty, it sure would be fun to see them go against one another.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Philadelphia Eagles

There has been a knock against dual-threat QB’s over the years in that they are seldom the ones hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. They are, though, still a ton of fun to watch, and right now, no one does it better than Lamar Jackson. There are some who believe that Jalen Hurts might soon surpass Jackson in that dual threat role and seeing them square off in the championship game would deliver a matchup unlike anything we have seen in the past. This may not be one for the purists, but it would be a blast.

LA Rams Vs LA Chargers

Can the Rams come out in 2022 and take another run at the Super Bowl? They have a squad that certainly suggests they can make another deep run. If they do, who would you most like to see them face? There are a few opponents that would make for a fun Super Bowl, but I think it would be the Chargers that would be the most interesting of the bunch. Justin Herbert looks set to be a very good QB in this league for quite some time and seeing him lead the Chargers to a Super Bowl against their cross-city rivals would definitely be a blast.


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