NFL Super Bowl 58 Props Worth Betting On: 5 Prop Bets We Love to Play

NFL Super Bowl 58 Props Worth Betting On: 5 Prop Bets We Love to Play


When it comes to the Super Bowl, many bettors are simply content with dropping a few bucks on the team they think will win. MyBookie Sportsbook | Super Bowl Props Worth Betting On: 5 Options You Should Keep in Mind

For others, this is an opportunity to take advantage of the multitude of wagering options that are available on Super Bowl Sunday. We are specifically talking about NFL prop bets, not all of which have to do with the outcome of the game.

If you are unfamiliar with prop bets, then let us help by quickly filling you in. These are wagers that are on a variety of different aspects, such as individual player stats for the championship game, as well as other game related items like total yards, scoring, and the like. Where things tend to go off the rails a little is with the options not associated with the actual game. These can include things like the coin toss, the half-time show, and even the ads that we all watch.

Prop bets are a ton of fun, and we suggest setting some of your wagering budget aside to play along, but which props should you pick? It is, of course, entirely up to you how you spend your money, but here are 5 prop bets we love to play.


1.National Anthem Length

We are going to try and spread things out a little here so that you have some wagers that come before the game, as well as a couple that will actually be impacted by the outcome. We have to get it all started with the National Anthem, specifically how long it will take to belt out the Star-Spangled Banner. The main reason why we like this bet is that there is actually some data to draw upon before making the bet.

This year, it will be Reba McEntire getting the ball rolling with the National Anthem, and given the length of her career, there are plenty of examples of her singing that particular song. Where it gets tricky is that her times are all over the place with her previous anthem appearances. That said, this is a national stage and the chance to shine in front of a massive audience. Performers tend to want to stay in the spotlight as long as possible, so look for Reba to milk it a little and potentially go OVER the set time.


2.Coin Toss

There are a number of different props available with the coin toss, with the heads or tails option being the most obvious. You have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, so it is worth taking a chance on the outcome, especially as there is no skill involved. You can also pick the team that you think will win the toss, as well as whether the player asked to make the call will pick it correctly.

While this is a wager of absolute chance, there is a little bit of history to this, which should be taken with a grain of salt. The Cowboys have the most coin toss wins in the Super Bowl with 6, followed closely by the 49ers with 5. I like the idea of playing the 49ers to win the coin toss so that they can even things up with Dallas, but the choice is entirely yours.


Bet Super Bowl 58 Chiefs vs 49ers to Win
Where: Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada
When: Sunday, February 11, 2024, 6:30 PM
TV/Stream: CBS


3.Individual Player Props

Before I get too deeply into this particular prop, I would suggest that you stick with one or two players as opposed to trying to figure out the potential stats for every single player available. In fact, I would be inclined to stick with one QB, and there is a definite way that I would approach this particular wager. It all begins with trying to figure out if the game total will go over or under. If you have a definite opinion, then that should help shape how you look at the stats for each player.

Now, let’s imagine for a moment that you think defenses are going to be very good and that we will have a defensive battle that ends with the total staying UNDER. In that case, you might want to look at the total passing yards for each QB and try to determine if the low-scoring game will have an impact on those totals. Same rules apply if you believe that we are looking at a potential shootout.


4.Gatorade Shower

Okay, this is another fun one that we actually have some data to draw upon. Over the last few years, we have seen orange and blue Gatorade become the most common colors when it comes time to dump the drink on the winning coach. That said, this one is still a total crap shoot, as proven last year when the Chiefs went with purple Gatorade, which was one of the longest shots on the board. In fact, the Chiefs have had 2 different colors in their Super Bowl wins, so no trend to be found there.

If you are leaning toward the 49ers, you might think about playing red for the Gatorade shower, as they are listed as the home team and will be wearing their red jerseys. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think teams put too much thought into the color, but this is still one I love to play.


5.Super Bowl MVP

When it comes to prop bets, this is one that is arguably the most predictable of the bunch. The MVP generally always goes to an offensive player, with the Super Bowl winning QB very often the one that gets the nod. If you look at the last 10 Super Bowls, you see that 6 QBs have won it, as well as 2 WRs and a couple of linebackers. Prior to that, we had 4 straight years of the QB winning the MVP. In short, playing the QB of the team you think will win the Super Bowl to also win the MVP is a solid pick, and might even make for a tidy little parlay.

Super Bowl Game Picks Odds Subject to Change SPREAD MONEYLINE TOTAL
Kansas City Chiefs +2 +105 U 47.5
San Francisco 49ers -2 -125 O 47.5


I have read enough, I need to place my bet now. What to do?

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Super Bowl LVI Props

NFL Super Bowl Props Worth Betting On: 5 Options You Should Keep in Mind

Super Bowl LVI is only a week and some change away, yet it is already set up to be one of the most exciting in the NFL’s history.

The impending meeting between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will create the lowest-seeded championship match in the sport’s existence, and with two likable quarterbacks commanding each of the teams’ explosive offenses, this will be the perfect spectacle for traditional and neutral fans.

While the Rams are currently four-point favorites on their home field, there is a slew of prop bets that should be easier and more exciting ways to earn a bit of money on the biggest game of the year. Here is what to look for so you can plan your bets against the NFL Super Bowl Prop Odds.

Odell Beckham o65 Receiving Yards (-114)

With an average of 78.7 receiving yards and having exceeded this total in two of his three postseason appearances this season, Odell Beckham Jr. is an excellent player to start a prop bet slip with. The former New York Giant and Cleveland Brown have been getting more involved with the offense as his tenure has progressed, culminating with 113 yards on nine receptions— his first 100-yard game in Los Angeles— in this past weekend’s victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Beckham also has +108 odds on exceeding 75 yards, which too is favorable.

Joe Burrow 21+ Rushing Yards (-106)

The Bengals’ quarterback has only hit this total twice in his last six games, but do not let that distract from the value in this bet. Burrow showed an ability to escape the pocket and a willingness to fight for extra yards last week, two qualities that tend to emerge from many elite quarterbacks in the final games of the postseason. Cinci’s star player will also be under constant fire from a Rams’ front-seven that features Aaron Donald, Leonard Floyd, and Von Miller, who will be feasting on a weak Bengals offensive line.

CIN Total Field Goals o1.5 (-108)

The Cincinnati Bengals have shown belief in rookie kicker Evan McPherson, who has successfully converted on two game-winning field goals in these playoffs and is 40-45 on the season. Whereas other teams have taken gambles on fourth down, or even third-and-long-to-go, the Bengals have let McPherson kick four field goals in all three postseason games, and he has been flawless.

First Drive Result: Offensive Touchdown (+330)

The safest bet for this category, per the oddsmakers, is a punt at (-118), but this is not reflective of the tendencies of the teams in the game. Both Cinci and LA’s defenses struggled early last weekend, and with two creative, high-octane offenses on the other side, there is a much better chance of the game-opening with a score.

Cam Akers 80+ Rushing Yards (+127)

The Bengals’ fifth-best rush defense of the regular season has given up 139, 140, and 103 rushing yards in three playoff games thus far. LA’s Cam Akers only has a high of 55 yards in his playoff stint, but he has gotten an average of 18 carries per game in the process; with a couple of extra weeks to heal up from an Achilles injury he suffered less than six months ago, Akers is sure to benefit from what will probably be a run-focused gameplan, at least in the first half, from Sean McVay.



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