Super Bowl 59 Prop Bets Worth Betting On

Funny Super Bowl Prop Bets: From what you can bet now up to right before the Big Game starts. As we sit and wait for the start of the new NFL season, you can’t help but sit back and think about how the season might play out.

Which teams will live up to the hype and which will fail? Will a dark horse emerge from the pack and make an unexpected run?


My Analysis

Which two teams will eventually make it to the Championship Game, and who will come out on top? These are all valid questions that we can debate until we are blue in the face, but until the season starts and the wins and losses start racking up, all we can really do is guess. Of course, there are other questions out there begging to be answered that are not as important to the big game, but still fun to pose. Yes, prop bets are massive during the Super Bowl, so let’s look at a few fun ones that you can start thinking about now.


Every single game in the NFL begins with a coin toss, but is it heads or tails that come up most often? I’m not sure that anyone has ever kept track of the outcome of every coin toss across the regular season, or if they have looked at the performance of every team in the toss during the season. Maybe you can be that person, figuring it might give you an edge once the Super Bowl rolls around.

Believe it or not, there are some people who tune into the big game solely for the purpose of watching the half-time show. That said, it is often dependent upon who gets the gig, as some shows are certainly more appealing than others. Who do you think will be on the stage at half-time this season? Perhaps the NFL will try to cash in on the Taylor Swift frenzy and her to take the stage, but will the demand for that still be the same if she and Travis Kelce are not an item once the new season rolls around. If not Swift, then who could it be?


Speaking of musicians and potential props, we need to talk about the Drake curse. Over the years, the rapper has made a habit of wearing the jerseys of a particular team or player, only for things to go horribly wrong for the athletes and teams he represents. There are now prop bets asking which team he will show allegiance to ahead of the championship game, and whether or not the curse will remain in effect for that team. This is one you might need to wait a while for, as he tends to change allegiances at the drop of a hat.

While you are keeping track of the coin tosses this season, you might also try and get some insight into the color of Gatorade that specific teams are drinking. This is a little tougher to do, as we don’t usually see tubs of the drink dumped on coaches during the course of the regular season. Imagine spending your Sunday looking for spills or close up shots of players drinking Gatorade to try and get a handle on the color. Hey, if it gives you an edge come Super Bowl time, then it’s worth it.


NFL Championship Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs +570
  • San Francisco 49ers +570
  • Baltimore Ravens +930
  • Detroit Lions +1225
  • Buffalo Bills +1250
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1275
  • Houston Texans +1550
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1575
  • Dallas Cowboys +1650
  • Green Bay Packers +1850
  • Miami Dolphins +2300
  • New York Jets +2400
  • Atlanta Falcons +2500
  • Los Angeles Rams +3200
  • Chicago Bears +3300
  • Los Angeles Chargers +3600
  • Cleveland Browns +4000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +4400
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +4500
  • Indianapolis Colts +6000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6800
  • Seattle Seahawks +7000
  • Minnesota Vikings +7500
  • New Orleans Saints +7500
  • Las Vegas Raiders +8500
  • Arizona Cardinals +9500
  • New York Giants +11000
  • Denver Broncos +12000
  • Washington Commanders +12000
  • Tennessee Titans +15000
  • New England Patriots +15000
  • Carolina Panthers +24000

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