NFL 2021 Week 10 Betting Favorites to Wager On

NFL 2021 Week 10 Betting Favorites to Wager On

NFL Week 9 showed that it’s tough to back favorites against the spread. The Dallas Cowboys lost straight up as a -10 home chalk versus the Broncos. The Cincinnati Bengals fell to Cleveland 41-16 at home as a -2 ½ favorite and the Buffalo Bills lost on the moneyline against Jacksonville  . . . yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars . . . as a -14 ½ chalk. But even though it’s tough to back favorites, NFL Week 10 tempts. Perhaps, it’s because the odds are so great on so many chalk teams. Check out the list of NFL Betting favorites to back in Week 10. 

Favorites You Should Bet On NFL Week 10

2021 NFL Week 10

  • When: Thursday, Nov. 11 – Monday, Nov. 15

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts -10 ½ 

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 14

The Jaguars won’t win two straight against a couple of the better teams in the AFC. Not only will the Jaguars not win two straight, but Jacksonville should be in for a major beating when they face the Colts.

Indianapolis has won 3-of-4 and hold out hope for a playoff spot. To grab the playoff spot, the Colts can’t lose to the Jags. So expect Frank Reich to pull out all the stops and for Indy to win this in similar fashion to the 45-30 win against the Jets in Week 9.

NFL Week 10: Jacksonville Jaguars  

Cleveland Browns vs New England Patriots -1

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 14

On the surface, it looks as if Cleveland had their way with the Bengals. But we should put the big win in perspective. The Browns picked off Joe Burrow twice.

Cleveland isn’t likely to pick off Mac Jones once, much less twice. New England’s defense is playing better than the Browns’ and home field advantage will means something on Sunday. 

NFL Week 10: New England Patriots  

Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh Steelers -9

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 14

We wish we could land on Detroit in this game. But it’s impossible. The Lions don’t know what they’re doing this season. Pittsburgh is on fire after winning their sixth straight this past Monday night.

Did the Bears make it tough on the Steelers? They did. But Chicago is a solid team with a rookie QB in Justin Fields who is starting to figure things out. Detroit doesn’t do anything well. Mike Tomlin and Big Ben will take advantage. 

NFL Week 10: Pittsburgh Steelers 

Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys -9

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 14

Dak Prescott had a bad game in the loss to Denver in Week 9 and the Falcons upset the Saints. So you’d think the ATL would be a good bet at +9. However, Prescott won’t throw two bad games in a row.

Not only that, but Matt Ryan always picks up his game versus New Orleans. Dallas’ loss to Denver was their second on the moneyline and their first against the spread. Cowboys win and cover.

NFL Week 10: Dallas Cowboys  

Buffalo Bills -13 vs New York Jets

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 14

Good teams bounce back from tough losses. The Bills suffered the toughest imaginable when failing to beat rookie coach Urban Meyer, rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, and the woeful Jacksonville Jaguars. 

If Josh Allen and the Bills truly believe they can win the Super Bowl, they’ll score 30 to 40 points against the Jets and roll to a win and cover.  

NFL Week 10: Buffalo Bills 

Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals -10

  • When: Sunday, Nov. 14

Sam Darnold is hurt. Will that end the Panthers’ chances against the Cardinals. It should. PJ Walker is an okay quarterback. He has no chance versus a strong AZ defense.

Also, Colt McCoy showed he can run Kliff Kingsbury’s offense in the upset road win against San Francisco this past Sunday. Cardinals win and cover whether McCoy or Kyler Murray is under center.  

NFL Week 10: Arizona Cardinals  

Los Angeles Rams -4 vs San Francisco 49ers

  • When: Monday, Nov. 15

The 49ers are a mess of a team. Since starting the season 2-0 with wins against Detroit and Philadelphia, the Niners have lost 5-of-6. A case can be made that SF just got beat.

But the Rams lost their last game and will be looking to make amends for it. Even with the bad performance versus the Titans in NFL Week 9, Matthew Stafford has thrown just 6 picks to 23 TDs and has thrown for 2,7771 yards. 

Staff won’t have two bad games in a row, which means the Rams win and cover. 

NFL Week 10: Los Angeles Rams


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