NFL Week 15 Betting Tips for the Top Matches of the Week

NFL Week 15 Betting Tips for the Top Matches of the Week

We’re nearing the end of the NFL regular season, and now we’ll see NFL action on four different nights instead of three. In looking at this week’s slate of games, we’ve found a few that we think could earn you some money if you’d be willing to place a wager on them. Here is our NFL Betting advice for you for the upcoming week of NFL games. We hope that we don’t lead you astray!

Betting Advice on Week 15 NFL games

Thursday Night Football – Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers

The oddsmakers have made the Kansas City Chiefs a 3.5-point favorite in this one. The Chiefs are on a six-game winning streak, and they’re looking like a team destined for a spot in the Super Bowl. Ironically enough, this Thursday’s game will be at the site of this season’s Super Bowl, SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

The Chargers are in a unique position. Their offense is scoring 26 points per game, while their defense is also allowing 26 points per game. If their offense doesn’t come to play or runs into a good defense, the Chargers tend to struggle. This will be the case on Thursday night, as the Chiefs’ defense has been very good since acquiring Melvin Ingram. Even though the Chiefs defense hasn’t given up many points lately, we think this one will be a high-scoring affair. The Chiefs will win this one 38-31, covering the spread in the process.

Saturday Night Football – New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts 

Two of the hottest teams in the AFC will square off on Saturday night. The Patriots will travel to Lucas Oil Stadium to take on the Colts. The Patriots have won seven straight, while the Colts have won seven of their last 10.

Bill Belichick always seems to figure out how to take a team’s strength away from them, so look for him to try and stifle Jonathan Taylor and the Colts’ running attack. If they can do this, that will force Carson Wentz to take the offense into his hands, and at times, that hasn’t worked so well for the Colts.

If Belichick and company can’t slow down Taylor and the Colts running game, it will put added pressure on Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones. Jones has had a great season, but we’re not sure how he will handle a high-pressure situation this late in the season.

The Colts are the home favorites in this one, as the oddsmakers have made them a one-point favorite. We’d like to point out that the New England Patriots have beaten the Colts the last eight times that they’ve played. After Saturday night’s game, it will be nine, as the Patriots will beat the Colts 24-21.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

So, both of these teams are 2-11, and neither team can stop the opposition from scoring. The oddsmakers have made the Jaguars a three-point favorite. With all of the issues surrounding Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars, including him berating his assistants, and numerous players not believing in Meyer’s coaching, the Jags are a disaster.

With all of that being said, we think the Texans will win this one by a touchdown. 


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