Improve Your Success in NHL Betting with the Following Strategies

Improve Your Success in NHL Betting with the Following Strategies

Written by on April 28, 2016

Let’s admit it; with the exception of a few ice hockey diehards, the majority of us treat NHL betting as a third or fourth wheel in our investment portfolios, often resorting to it when there is no NFL, college football, NBA and college basketball. Nothing wrong with doing that, particularly if the NHL isn’t you forte. But whether you are a recreational or professional NHL bettor, the one thing you need to know is that making money on ice hockey is a combined art and science that requires well-calculated strategies, depending on the type of bet—money line or game total—you are interested in. Below, we will be highlighting some of the proven NHL betting strategies used by expert NHL sharps and handicappers to build and sustain bankrolls over the course of the hockey season. Irrespective of you being a seasoned or elementary NHL gambler, we invite you into accentuating your success in NHL betting with the following strategies…

Improve Your Success in NHL Betting with the Following Proven Strategies


Underdog Betting

Given that the NHL comes with several games in the course of the season, we tend to witness a level playing field that offers opportunities for success to both favorites and underdogs, which somewhat levels the playing field for bettors. And with underdogs obviously holding more value in the NHL odds than favorites, your most elementary strategy should be to design a system that can help you to fish out the best underdogs.

Shop for the Best Games

With so many games to bet on in the course of the NHL season, rookie bettors (especially those that don’t have a betting system) find themselves betting on nearly every game available on the board, which often leads to depletion of bankrolls and big losses. If you want to make money in a sustainable way, apply your patience and shop around for the games that come with good value. For example, a team may be favored to win and you strongly feel that the victory is imminent, but the odds would be such that you have to pay $150 just to make a $10 profit on the heavy favorite. Such an instance is a pure waste of money and time. Rather than bet on that, wait for a game that offers a chance for bettor profitability with less risk of units from your bankroll.

Shopping for NHL Lines

Owing to the competition among sportsbooks, different sites can have different lines for a single NHL event, and this is where smart NHL bettors take advantage. Once you have an idea of the NHL picks you want to wager on, shop for the best lines from any given online sportsbook and take the one that comes with the most favorable odds. The minor differences in NHL odds, as little as .5, can be the difference between a push, a winning bet and losing bet; something many of you have probably witnessed in the course of their betting.

Maximizing Profits Through Parlays

Betting on any sporting event, however sure you are with your picks, comes with some measure of risk. So, if you can lose $1000 on a single bet; why not try risking the same amount on a joint number of picks? That, in essence, is the idea behind parlays. Taking some risk on a number of plays with the hope of getting better profits. Obviously, the fact that one wrong bet can mess a parlay tends to scare away most bettors. The truth, however, is that parlays—if researched carefully—can lead to great profits while allowing you to manage your bankroll in a better way. The trick here is to focus only on your strongest picks when considering parlay and avoiding parlays altogether when you feel that one or two games could mess you up.

Research, Research, Research!

As is highlighted all through this article, research is the most elementary step if you want to succeed in NHL betting. Be it researching for the best underdogs, researching for the best games, researching for the best lines or even researching for the best statistics and trends to support your bet; everything about betting on NHL games revolves around good research. To become a smart capper or bettor, establish a good research system or subscribe to sites or individuals that are up-to-date with the best and latest information regarding ice hockey and how issues such as suspension/injuries can affect NHL bets.

Bankroll Management

Like in any investment forum, NHL betting calls for a stringent plan on what you need to spend or save, when it is best to pump more money or walk away from a venture, and how to manage your winnings and losses. Without a plan on how to manage such ventures, you’ll soon find yourself bankrupt due to over-expenditure or poor bets.
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