2019 NYC Pinball Championships Odds & Event Preview

Written by on May 13, 2019

The New York Pinball Championship is returning for the second straight year after taking a twenty-plus year hiatus dating back to the 90’s. The NYCPC will be held from May 17-19 at the Skyline Hotel in downtown NYC and will feature many of today’s greats.

The New York City Pinball Championships will display three different tournaments. The Classics tournament is open to all registered players and 16 finalists will compete for the title.

The Dahlia Rowan Memorial NYC Championship will feature eight women finals and will be open to all females who register for the event. Finally, the main tournament will have two skill divisions, housing a total of 48 players who qualify for the Sunday finals. Like always, MyBookie has odds for the main tournament, and I’ll discuss the favorites below.

2019 NYC Pinball Championships Odds & Event Preview


Event Info

  • When: Friday, May 17th – Sunday, May 19th
  • Where: The Skyline Hotel, Hell’s Kitchen, New York City

Raymond Davidson

  • 2019 NYC Pinball Championships Odds: +615

Davidson pretty much runs the table at every event he finds himself at; that’s why I keep picking him to win. I selected Davidson as my sure-fire hit and the Texas Pinball Festival Wizards Tournament, and sure enough he came in first. He’s rated number one in the world by a wide-margin, and the Phenom is showing no signs of slowing down. At +615, throw some money on the champ and don’t think twice.

Bowen Kerins

  • 2019 NYC Pinball Championships Odds: +670

Bowen Kerins has come in first-place in the last two tournaments he’s played in, the NEPL and the Pin-Masters of Maine. Additionally, he’s won 87 out of the 246 tournaments he’s played in, meaning he places first in over a third of his tournaments. That’s pretty damn good.

He has a winning head-to-head matchup against every ranked pinball player in the world except for Keith Elwin, who happens to not be playing in this tournament. This means that he’s bested every player in the NYCPC more often than not. Still, at +670, I don’t see his odds being as close to Davidson as their listed. Stay away here.

Steven Bowden

  • 2019 NYC Pinball Championships Odds: +900

The 7th ranked Pinball player in the world, Bowden is coming off a tournament winning streak as well, having just won the Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown. He’s in the best form of his career, as his 7th place ranking is the highest so far.  Coming in with a whopping 150 tournament wins, Bowden is doing nothing but perfecting his game. At +900 and a higher global ranking the Kerins, I like his odds here.