2018 World Cup Betting Review: Day 13.

2018 World Cup Betting Review: Day 13

Written by on June 27, 2018

The fates of the 32 nations taking part in the 2018 World Cup were further decided on Day 13, with Group C and Group D coming to a close. One of those groups came to a bit of an anti-climactic end, while the other delivered some high drama. We now have 4 of the 8 Round of 16 games et, and by the time we are done with the action on Thursday, we will know all the match-ups. We will get to that later in the week, but for now, let’s take a closer look at how things played out on Day 13.

2018 World Cup Betting Review: Day 13

Australia 0 – 2 Peru

  • Attempts: Australia 14 / Peru 4
  • On-Target: Australia 2 / Peru 3
  • Off-Target: Australia 7 / Peru 1
  • Blocked: Australia 5 / Peru 0
  • Woodwork: Australia 0 / Peru 0
  • Corners: Australia 8 / Peru 3
  • Off-Sides: Australia 3 / Peru 1
  • Ball Possession: Australia 53 / Peru 47

Senegal vs Colombia 2018 World Cup Group H Betting Preview

Coming into this one, Australia still had a very slim chance of getting into the next round, but they needed to win, and also needed some help from France. It turned out that neither of those things happened, meaning the Aussies will now be heading home. This was a win that Peru very much deserved, as they have been one of the more entertaining teams to watch in this tournament. It was their inability to score that hurt them in their opening two games, but they shook that off and put in another fine performance here, finally hitting the net. Peru won as a slight favorite at odds of +146, with the O/U going UNDER.

Next Games

  • Both teams are eliminated

France 0 – 0 Denmark

  • Attempts: Denmark 5 / France 11
  • On-Target: Denmark 1 / France 4
  • Off-Target: Denmark 2 / France 6
  • Blocked: Denmark 2 / France 1
  • Woodwork: Denmark 0 / France 0
  • Corners: Denmark 4 / France 2
  • Off-Sides: Denmark 1 / France 1
  • Ball Possession: Denmark 38 / France 62

Japan v Poland 2018 World Cup Odds & Expert Prediction

There are some goalless games that turn out to be highly entertaining, but this was not one of them. France is in this World Cup as one of the favorites, but they have failed to impress at all. They never looked interested in coming out and going for it here, and once Denmark found out that Peru was beating Australia, they relaxed, safe in the knowledge that they would be going through. This was the first 0-0 game at the World Cup in Russia, so we were probably due to a bad one. The draw came in at odds of +175, with Denmark covering, and the UNDER hitting.

Next Games

  • France vs. Argentina (Saturday, June 30th)
  • Denmark vs. Croatia (Sunday, July 1st)

Iceland 1 – 2 Croatia

  • Attempts: Iceland 17 / Croatia 13
  • On-Target: Iceland 6 / Croatia 2
  • Off-Target: Iceland 8 / Croatia 8
  • Blocked: Iceland 3 / Croatia 3
  • Woodwork: Iceland 1 / Croatia 1
  • Corners: Iceland 10 / Croatia 5
  • Off-Sides: Iceland 1 / Croatia 0
  • Ball Possession: Iceland 41 / Croatia 59

England vs Belgium 2018 World Cup Lines Group G

Iceland came into this one knowing that they had a shot at moving on with the win, while Croatia, who had already booked their spot in the next round, took the opportunity to rest some of their best players. Iceland could easily have been 2 or 3 up before the break, but Croatia held on and then killed things off by going a goal up in the second half. Croatia is one of the 2018 World Cup Betting favorites to win it all. Iceland did get level through a penalty, but Croatia nosed back in front late in the game, allowing them to finish at the top of the group with maximum points. Croatia won as the favorite at odds of -110, whilst also covering the spread. The 3 goals in this one took us OVER.

Next Games

  • Iceland is eliminated
  • Croatia vs. Denmark (Sunday, July 1st)

Nigeria 1 – 2 Argentina

  • Attempts: Nigeria 9 / Argentina 8
  • On-Target: Nigeria 3 / Argentina 4
  • Off-Target: Nigeria 5 / Argentina 3
  • Blocked: Nigeria 1 / Argentina 1
  • Woodwork: Nigeria 0 / Argentina 1
  • Corners: Nigeria 3 / Argentina 5
  • Off-Sides: Nigeria 0 / Argentina 2
  • Ball Possession: Nigeria 34 / Argentina 66

Panama vs Tunisia 2018 World Cup Betting Preview & Prediction

It has not been a great World Cup for Lionel Messi and Argentina, and they came into this one knowing they had to win to move on. Things started well enough, with Messi putting his team in front in the first half. Argentina was made to sweat after Nigeria tied things up via the penalty spot. It looked as though the tournament was over for the South Americans before Marco Rojo bailed them out with a winner with just 4 minutes remaining. Argentina won as the favorites as odds of -210, with the spread being a PUSH. We hit the OVER once again with this one.

Next Games

  • Nigeria is eliminated
  • Argentina vs. France (Saturday, June 30th)

2018 World Cup Betting Action So Far

  • Moneyline: 24-6-8 in favor of the favorites
  • Over/Under: 21-15-4
  • Spread: 12-18-10 (fav-dog-push)