2018 World Cup Group Odds

2018 World Cup Group Odds

Written by on July 10, 2018

The first slate of group stage games at the 2018 World Cup are in the books. And the second round of matchups is well underway. And it’s a crucial round for many teams already. We probably will see many teams qualify after this second round of games, so it’s going to be one hell of a week! With all the craziness that’s happened, it’s time to take a quick look at the latest World Cup group odds. You will find a full update below for each group heading into the second round of games:

2018 World Cup Group Odds Update – June 20th, 2018

Group A

  • Uruguay +120
  • Russia -175
  • Egypt +3300
  • Saudia Arabia +20000
Russia already has two wins in the group. The Russians beat Egypt 3 to 1 in their second group game. Russia’s now a solid favorite. Uruguay could sneak in there and take the group at decent odds.

Group B

  • Spain -180
  • Portugal +140
  • Morocco +5500
  • Iran +1000
Iran beat Morocco. That’s why the Iranians offer less odds than the Moroccans. Still, it’s hard to look past Spain. Although Portugal tied Spain behind Ronaldo’s hat trick, Spain controlled the entire match. The Spanish should win Group B based on scoring more goals than Portugal who figures to play more conservatively versus Morocco and Iran than Spain will.

Group C

  • France -440
  • Denmark +250
  • Peru +1800
  • Australia +4400
The love continues to head towards France even though the French, like Denmark, won their first match at the 2018 World Cup. Denmark only has one goal, though, while France has 2 goals. The French are expected to contend for the World Cup. Denmark isn’t.

Group D

  • Argentina +100
  • Croatia -140
  • Nigeria +4000
  • Iceland +750
Lionel Messi, the great Argentinian player, knows that he allowed a World Cup victory to slip from his grasps. Messi missed a penalty kick that would have put Argentina up 2 to 1 over Iceland at around the 67th minute of Argentina’s first 2018 World Cup match. Croatia looked great beating Nigeria 2 to 0. Still, Croatia could be due for a fall. One of their top strikers, Nikola Kalinic, went home after refusing to enter the second half in the win over Nigeria. Croatia’s manager says it’s because he’s injured. Sure, that’s why you sent him home. Sure.

Group E

  • Brazil -190
  • Switzerland +300
  • Serbia +300
  • Costa Rica +4000
Switzerland tying Brazil 1 to 1 in the first World Cup match for both was huge. Switzerland could easily win the group at +300. This is especially true because Brazil might be without Neymar. Neymar suffered an ankle injury in the tie with the Swiss. He couldn’t practice this past Tuesday. Serbia might steal the group after beating Costa Rica 1 to 0.

Group F

  • Germany +270
  • Mexico -185
  • Sweden +300
  • Korea Republic +4000
Mexico punched Germany in the mouth. The Mexicans upset the Germans 1 to 0. Now, Germany must handle the Korea Republic (shouldn’t be an issue) and Sweden (will be an issue). This group could end up Sweden’s. It’s hard to get a bead on how good this German squad is, meaning Mexico beat an overrated team.

Group G

  • Belgium -190
  • England +110
  • Tunisia +8000
  • Panama +16000
The Group G winner will be either Belgium at -190, or England at +110. Both teams looked great. Belgium beat Panama 3 to 0. England beat Tunisia 2 to 1. The lone Tunisian goal was a penalty kick, which means England played darn good defense in the win.

Group H

  • Colombia +450
  • Poland +500
  • Senegal -120
  • Japan +180
In the what the heck is going on group, Japan beat Colombia 2 to 1 while Senegal beat Poland 2 to 1. What’s amazing about Japan’s win is that their manager came on board a couple of weeks ago. He devised a way for the Japanese to upset heavily favored Colombia. Group G is a mess. There’s no telling what might happen. Check back next week for a brand new World Cup Update! Keeping up with the action will help you score big in the 2018 World Cup MyBookie has all the information you need to keep up-to-date on all things World Cup. It’s going to be a lucrative 4 weeks, from World Cup prop bets to moneyline wagers and point spreads, there’s plenty of ways to keep it exciting. Also, make work more entertaining by starting your own FIFA World Cup Pool using the MyBookie World Cup printable bracket and keep your mind on the tournament at all times.
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