2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Match Day 2 Odds, Predictions & Pick

2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Match Day 2 Odds, Predictions & Pick

Written by on June 18, 2019

The 2019 Gold Cup rolls into Matchday 2 on Wednesday, June 19 when Canada takes on Mexico and Martinique hits the pitch versus Cuba. Check out the 2019 Gold Cup odds, analysis, and picks for Canada-Mexico, Martinique-Cuba, and all the other great Gold Cup Matchday 2 action this week!

2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup Match Day 2 Odds, Predictions & Pick

  • When: June 15 – July 7
  • Where: United States, Jamaica, Costa Rica
  • TV: Televisa
  • Live Stream: TelevisaDeportes.com

Wednesday, June 19

Canada vs Mexico

Mexico has played great in their last 5. In their Matchday 1 battle, they dominated Cuba 7-0. Before that, they had beaten Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Ecuador. They face a somewhat difficult test versus Canada, though.

The Canadians are 4-1 in their last 5 matches. They beat Martinique 4-0 in their first CONCACAF Gold Cup game. Canada will put up a fight in this, but Mexico should prevail. It’s difficult to back the Mexicans on the handicap even though they should win by at least 2 goals.

Soccer Betting Pick: Mexico

Martinique vs Cuba

Cuba’s gone 0-2 in their last couple of matches, including a 1-2 loss to Haiti in a Gold Cup Qualifying game. Mexico dominated Cuba in both teams’ first match at the 2019 Gold Cup.

Martinique was on a 4 match win streak before losing to Canada. Martinique most definitely can win this match, but they offer underlay odds here. Cuba’s worth backing at the odds.

Soccer Betting Pick: Cuba

Thursday, June 20

Haiti vs Nicaragua

Haiti beat Bermuda 2-1 on June 16. Nicaragua has been outscored a combined 9-1 in their last couple of matches. However, the Nicaraguans battled Argentina in an international friendly on June 7 and Costa Rica on June 16 in their first Gold Cup match.

Costa Rica and Argentina are two very good teams. Nicaragua can surprise Haiti on Thursday. They’re the pick.

Soccer Betting Pick: Nicaragua

Bermuda vs Costa Rica

Costa Rica should cruise right by Bermuda. The handicap is high, Costa Rica must win by more than 3 goals at -129, but this is a massive mismatch. Los Ticos showed what they could do in the 4-0 beat down they put onto Nicaragua in their first Gold Cup match. They dominate Bermuda by 4 to 6 goals on June 20.

Soccer Betting Pick: Costa Rica

Friday, June 21

Jamaica vs El Salvador

This is a really interesting match. Both Jamaica and El Salvador won their first Gold Cup games. Jamaica took it 3-2 over Honduras while El Salvador beat Curacao 1-0 and Jamaica beat Honduras 3-2.

Jamaica allowed Honduras to score a couple of goals. El Salvador’s defense might be the leading factor here. Backing the El Salvadorians at the better odds.

Soccer Betting Pick: El Salvador

Curacao vs Honduras

Curacao and Honduras are similar in talent. Curacao played a great match versus El Salvador while Honduras played a tight match against Jamaica. This one could go either way. When faced with a tight match like this, it makes sense to back the team offering the better odds. That’s Curacao.

Soccer Betting Pick: Curacao

Saturday, June 22

Panama vs Guyana

Panama has their first CONCACAF Gold Cup match on Tuesday. Although they should beat Trinidad and Tobago, even if it’s a tough battle, the Panamanians will have no trouble versus Guyana on Saturday, June 22.

Panama has lost their last couple of matches by a combined 0-6. But those two games were versus Colombia and Uruguay. Right now, the Colombians and Uruguayans look like the two best teams at the 2019 Copa America. Panama dominates Guyana on Saturday, which means you should consider the handicap at Panama -2, -126 if you wish to play this.

Soccer Betting Pick: Panama handicap

Trinidad and Tobago vs USA

Like Panama, the United States plays their first match versus Guayana on Tuesday, June 18. USA is a -9999 favorite over Guayana. The handicap is -4 ¼, -114. Trinidad and Tobago should put up more of a fight than the U.S., but you’ve got to believe the Americans come out ahead.

However, it’s impossible to wager on the USA either straight up at the terrible odds or even on the handicap where they’re giving up 2 ½ goals. Trinidad and Tobago at +2 ½ , -126 makes the most sense.

Soccer Betting Pick: Trinidad and Tobago handicap