2019 Copa America Semifinals Odds, Predictions & Picks

2019 Copa America Semifinals Odds, Predictions & Picks

Written by on July 1, 2019

A classic matchup in the first semifinal game at the 2019 Copa America takes place on Tuesday, July 2. Lionel Messi and Argentina battles Cutinho, Silva, Firmino, Gabriel Jesus and Brazil for the right to move on to the Copa America Finals. Then on Wednesday, Chile takes on underdog Peru for the right to move to the finals. Check out the Copa America Semifinal odds, analysis, and free picks for Argentina-Brazil and Peru-Chile!

2019 Copa America Semifinals Odds, Predictions & Picks

Tuesday, July 2

Argentina vs Brazil

Argentina looked terrible in their first Copa America match. Colombia beat them 2-0. However, Argentina picked it up after that. They drew 1-1 with Paraguay before dominating both Qatar and Venezuela 2-0. The key for Argentina was a lineup switch versus Qatar where they played Lautaro Martinez up front and put Aguero and Messi on the wings. Then, versus Venezuela, they switched it up again. Martinez and Aguero played up top with Messi slightly behind in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

The formation changes have worked. They could work again on Tuesday against Brazil. Brazil looks like the top team at Copa America. However, they struggled to beat Paraguay in their quarterfinals match. Brazil beat Paraguay 4-3 on penalty kicks.

The new look Argentinians have a huge shot of upsetting Brazil on July 2. Aguero, Martinez, and Messi are dynamite up front while the Argentinian defense has a lot of flexibility in the new formations.

Soccer Betting Pick: Argentina

Wednesday, July 3

Peru vs Chile

Peru-Chile is a battle between a couple of teams that drew in their quarterfinal matches. Chile drew 0-0 with Colombia. The Chileans beat the Colombians 5-4 on penalty kicks. Chile beat Japan and Ecuador before losing 0-1 to Uruguay during group play.

Just like Chile, Peru beat Uruguay 5-4 on penalty kicks after a 0-0 draw. Peru played Uruguay tough throughout the match. Although Uruguay outplayed Peru in the second half, the Uruguayans couldn’t notch a goal.

Peru figures to battle Chile the same way. Chile is the better overall team, which is why Peru figures to try to go for a draw and only take chances on the offensive side if they have an advantage. Although that strategy worked against Uruguay, it won’t work against Chile. The Chileans beat Peru in regulation and move on to the Copa America Finals.

Soccer Betting Pick: Chile